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About Our Family


Howdy! Welcome to our travel blog… well mine?  Anyways! My name is Jennifer.  I am 33 years old and I am a mother of three crazy and wild children … oh and they are adorable too. Michael is 10 years old, Dane is 6 years old and Alyssa is 5 years old. We are currently residing in Germany for the next few years and we are living it! We absolutely LOVE it here in Europe. We are originally from the great Republic of Texas in the United States of America (& no… I don’t have a southern Texas accent… sorry).

A little back story.  I lived in Saudi Arabia until I was 5 years old.  I am ALWAYS asked if my father was in the military and no he was not.  He worked for an airline, Saudia Airlines.  During the time we were in Saudi, my parents took my sister, Katie, and I all over Europe and Asia.  We have racked up some serious flight miles.

After that time, I was also in the US Navy and served aboard a naval ship and visited Singapore, Dubai (UAE) and Bahrain.  I certainly have some amazing memories in these countries.  Fast forward to 2013, right before Christmas we received some amazing news that my husband’s company would be sending us to Germany.  We were overjoyed! Since we moved here April 2014, we have travelled to 18 countries! So we’ve been to Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Malta, Scotland, England, Croatia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Monaco, & Spain.  In August 2016, we are adding Denmark and Sweden.  Can’t wait to explore some more!

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