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Well I have obviously not been on here in awhile! We’ve been busy travelling around. This weekend the kids and I checked out the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt. We had a great time! Tip for next year: get cash BEFORE you go there. All of the ATMs were not working. But we had a great time walking around.  We did go to this festival last year.  Note to self: when they ask you if you want half water and half wine say yes.  You really do not want to be two sheets to the wind after your first one!

On the way home we drove on B37, but couldn’t see the beautiful landscape (since it was dark) so we checked that out yesterday! I wanted to check out Frankenstein Castle, but I couldn’t figure out how to get up to it. So instead we checked out Hardenburg Castle… which is amazing!  Here is a blog post on this castle… click here!  It is on our list of cool castles. It was 3€ for 1 adult and three children to get in!  The castle is absolutely beautiful and you can explore quite a bit of it.  It is a ruin so it is of course not in all of it glory.

The awesome thing is that the Frankenstein & Hardenburg castles are not at all far from each other AND they are both on B37!

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