Best Family-Friendly Spots in the UK

Travelling with kids is one of the best ways to explore a new place. Their enthusiasm is infectious and they often see things that we parents would miss. All parents know that when travelling with the family there are extra considerations such as safety, amenities and accessibility. In this post we will examine several top family friendly places in the UK both in London and outside the capital.

London Museums

Nearly all museums in London are national museums and are free to the public. If visiting London museums such as the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum are great places for families with many interactive exhibits for children to learn from. Visit London recommends the Tower of London as a great place to learn about the rich and often gory history of London. The Tower is also home to the Crown Jewels and the iconic Beefeater guards.

Richmond Park

London has many parks for families to spend time together in. We recommend traveling to the outskirts of the city and visiting Richmond Park. The park is the largest of the Royal Parks of London and home to herds of Red and Fallow Deer. Bored Panda listed the park as one of the best places in the UK for wildlife with over 600 deer living in the park. This is a great place to bring children and to get them outdoors to see some of Britain’s best countryside and wildlife. The park can be easily accessed from London by taking the District Line to Richmond Station and getting a bus to the park.
Bewilderwood Adventure Park, Wroxham

Listed in The Telegraph’s best family attractions in the UK, Bewilderwood is a very different experience to the usual theme parks. Children’s author Tom Blofeld designed the park and his books inspire the park’s environment and activities. The park focuses more on storytelling than thrilling rides encouraging children to have their own adventure. The park features lots of child-friendly activities such as the half a kilometer Sky Maze, which weaves through the natural tree canopy of the park.

Edinburgh Castle and The Elephant House Café

There are many great cities to explore outside of London and Edinburgh is one of the best. This stunning city has many attractions for families. Looking down over the city is Edinburgh Castle where families can learn about the history of Scotland and relive what it was like to be a King or Queen. The city is also famous for being the place where the Harry Potter series was written. Families can visit the café where J K Rowling wrote the first book.
Travelling with the family is one of the most rewarding ways to create special memories that everyone will remember for years to come. Obviously, each family member will benefit greatly from the experience, but more than likely they will enjoy different facets of the holiday. Toosta interviewed five Instagram mums on their blog about family holidays. One mum stated that a great family holiday has something for everyone, both adults and children. When travelling and visiting new places as a family it is important that everybody enjoys it. For example the Science Museum combines interactive exhibits for the children and historical exhibits for the adults. Another mother said that it is hard to create dedicated family time, so spending time at family friendly spots are great way to spend quality family time together.

Next time you visit the UK we hope you go an visit the family friendly destinations we have recommended. Travelling with your children is a magical way to explore a new country even one with unpredictable weather as the UK.

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