Chateau Vianden

A castle that you should NOT miss while stationed or visiting Europe is Vianden Castle located in Vianden, Luxembourg.  Today my children and I did a (kinda) quick day trip to Vianden Castle. This castle is absolutely beautiful! We also did the chairlift nearby and the kids really enjoyed it!

Vianden Castle was built upon Roman ruins between the 11th and 14th century and since then flourished throughout the ages.  This gorgeous castle is located in Vianden, Luxembourg. It is just right over the border from Germany. For military members, it is not far from Spangdahlem (within a hour) and it is about a 3 hour drive for those from the Kaiserslautern area.

Drive It is an absolutely beautiful drive with lots of curves… so for bikers or cyclist it is awesome (I didn’t ride either of those.  Though of course it would be kind of weird to ride one with three kids! LOL.

ParkingThe parking lot we parked in was right next to the chairlift and it was free! Though if you are wanting to see the castle, I would recommend parking closer to there.  Especially if you small children as the climb down the mountain 

Chairlift: For 1 adult and three children it was just over 13 € round trip. I would recommend NOT getting a round trip ticket. It was certainly a hike back up the mountain to get back to the lift.

Castle: Pricing: 6€ for adults and 2€ for children 6+. You get see a LOT of the castle so the price is certainly worth it. They even had time period actors. The castle was breathtakingly beautiful.  The castle offers guided and audio tours, but you are able to wander the castle on your own.  Which is perfect if you have little ones.  The castle also has a small restaurant that serves beverages and desserts.

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