Summer Adventure Series: Pine Beach Resort

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We arrived to Pine Beach (in Croatia), our hidden gem, after 5 hours of driving from our Slovenia trip.  It was a beautiful drive. My family and I absolutely love heading to our little piece of heaven.  Pine Beach is nestled between thousands of pine trees… who would have known!? Checking in was a breeze.  We recieved bar vouchers (this was our second time to Pine Beach), a lavender sachet (smells divine), and a packet with seeds to plant!  Our receptionist was very nice and explained everything is amazing detail.


13509047_10209320662837555_469650896915151945_nI booked our adventure back in March for two nearby huts.  My boys loved having their own space last time so I decided to do it again.  My friend and her daughter, Paige, were also also to snag a hut near us as well.  We had huts 11, 14 and 15. I must say that our hut was a lot more better situated than last time as we were in the 400s (I think).  This time we were very close to a sanitary block (toilets/showers), we were within 10 minutes walking to the beach (for you it may be quicker… my kids are SLOW), and very close to the dining facility. Our tiled-floored huts were just like last time with  2 fully made up beds, 2 “dresser”-type with shelves and a hanging area as well as mosquito nets (YOU WILL NEED THIS! PLEASE USE THEM).

Note: While we were there 2 of our nights were pretty hot.  To cool off, take a cool shower before going to bed.  If you can bring a battery operated fan I recommend doing so.  The huts DO NOT have electricity or running water!



The food is very good!  Breakfast they have scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, fried eggs, bacon, sausage, yogurt, breads (croissants), cold cuts, cheese, cereal and more.  Lunch and dinner are pretty similar. They have meats (chicken, pork, beef), pizza, pasta, salads, bread, and desserts (ice cream and cakes) as well as beer and wine.  Of course you can get soda/pop during all meals. They also serve fresh fruit with every meal too.  Our only issue was that they did not put out butter during lunch and dinner, but it was not a major issue.  We would just ask for it.

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The Beach

We spent MUCH of our time at the beach.  It is fantastic! It is very shallow and we did not have any issues with the kids enjoying the water.  The water is VERY salty.  So keep your mouth shut. Haha The neat thing is that I was able to float without having to really keep myself afloat.  There are two parts of the beach: there is a sandy part (which is where we were) and the rocky area.

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Main Reception
Main Reception

The Main Reception is near the main bar and the theater.  This is where you will get everything you may need.  Currency exchange, excursion/massage reservations (We took one! PLITVICE LAKES), mini golf clubs/balls, first aid, charge your devices and much, much more! I must say it was amazing to see Martina and happy to know that she remembered us!




Stay Recommendations:

  • Strollers Friendliness: The resort is not fully stroller friendly.  Only the paved areas are.  But if you do bring a stroller, make sure you bring one that has has large wheels.
  • Disability Friendliness: Read above.
  • What to Bring: Sunscreen, bug spray, flashlights, battery-operated fan, TOWELS (bath and beach), and other things to keep you comfy!
  • Be sure to take your kids to the Mini Disco and certainly see the evening entertainment
  • The beach party at 1600 is amazing and so much fun!

Other Resort Amenities

  • Laundry- 20kn to wash and 30 kn to dry (get coins from the main reception)
  • Massage
  • Excursions
  • Sports: tennis, kayaking, windsurfing, paddleboard, zipline, archery, Kid Club

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Another Note:

The Pine Beach staff were amazing! My friend’s daughter had an emergency during our stay that resulted into an ER visit.  Unfortunately the hospital did not feel that it was a major emergency so they did not dispatch the ambulance. A Pine Beach staff member instead took my friend and her daughter to the ER, waited for them, took them to ATM and brought them back to Pine Beach.  Huge thanks to their amazing hospitality.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read our review of the Pine Beach Resort in Pakostane, Croatia.  Please feel free to comment below and share with friends and family.

Huge thank you to the Pine Beach team for allowing us to come out and write a review of your resort.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Resort Information

Pine Beach

Pakoštane d.d.
Brune Bušića 45
23211 – HR – Pakoštane


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  1. We’ve just been in Slovenia too, right on the border with Croatia, so gutted we didn’t have time to explore Croatia this time. Pine beach sounds like a fab place for families, and I love that they give you seeds to plant, so cool.

  2. This place is great! I would love to go there with my little one. He has started walking now and we have not been on a holiday to the beach with him except for when he was so tiny. He would love it here and we are not far form Slovenia. I love reading about kid friendly places now since becoming a mom so I will be back reading more! Love this.

  3. To have staff that would treat you guys that way, I would stay there in a heart beat just for that. It’s always great to have such amazing, and human experiences at a resort of this size. Glad everyone had a great time, otherwise

  4. rocky beaches in the area look very lonely. seems like more playing water on the sandy shore.
    I like the food there, quite a lot of choice, there was pork in there. it’s my favorite food. hehehehehehee …

  5. Awww, I would have LOVED to stay here as a kid (and now haha) it’s such an adventurous accommodation and kids club?!!? Your little ones are spoiled 😛 So much to do! And I laughed about the bit about mosquito nets 😛

  6. adorable kids! Glad that they enjoyed this trip and they learned a lot. I would love my future kids to experience this kind of adventure

  7. What a lovely beach! Our family would enjoy a place like Pine Beach Resort. I like how you can enjoy nature by day but at night be sleeping in a bed! The staff also sound amazing. Great to hear that they were so helpful with your friend’s emergency needs.

  8. This seems like a lovely resort for a weekend rest with a whole family. 🙂 Well, it must be since it’s already your second time here. Surrounded by pine trees, the place must have smell good. It’s also great that they’re reliable in cases of emergency situations.

  9. WOW! What a totally amazing place to take the kids and look at their sweet little faces! This has cheered me up no end today, just to see how much you all seemed to enjoy the beach resort and the amazing scenery too, of course!

  10. The Pine beach resort looks like an ideal place to spend quality time with the family. Lovely ambience and great food, all the makings of an unforgettable family bonding experience.

  11. I was also misled by the name of the resort and was pleasantly surprised that it is from Slovenia. Your youngsters seems to have enjoyed your stay there. I find it very heartening to find a family-friendly resort there and that the place and ambience looks lovely.

  12. I used to go to such resorts quite often as a child with my parents and I remember loving it to bits, it was so much fun and there was always something exciting to do! Unfortunately I’ve never been to one in Croatia though.
    From the adorable smiles on their faces it really looks like your kids had a wonderful time there. 🙂

  13. It looks like you and your family had an amazing stay, and it’s nice to know the staff was so responsive. I knew that the beaches in Croatia were beautiful but I had no idea there were pine trees there too! I hope to be able to travel to Croatia soon!

  14. Oh what a fun place, when I first saw Resort I though okay! But this feels almost a little more like a cool Campground right by the beautiful Ocean and where in the world are pine trees and ocean together. I guess you found the place.

  15. We can only imagine what a wonderful experience it would have been to stay in huts amidst the nature and spend evenings sauntering and playing on the beach. Kids definitely will have a great time

  16. Pine Beach Resort looks like a nice family style camping option. I am sure with it being in Croatia that it is gorgeous. Thanks for including the tips and packing list suggestions. I, too, would stay near the toilet/facilities.

  17. Lovely and peaceful place. I always wish that my family has a chance to visit places like this. Love the pine scent spreading in the air.

  18. Wow, Pine Beach looks like an amazing place to spend vacations with your family! It’s kinda of so cool to be able to find such places, far from everything, but still finding good accommodations!

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