Jugendherberge Dachsen

Situated just above the Rheinfall Waterfall, Jugendherberge Dachsen (a youth hostel) was certainly an experience!  The youth hostel is situated inside part of the Schloβ Laufen which was built over 1,000 years ago with the mention in 848. In German, Laufen means “big falls” and it is certainly big! In fact, Rheinfalls is the largest plain waterfall in Europe and since 1941 the castle has been under cantonal control by the Canton of Zurich.  If you are looking for a truly unique stay with your child(ren) and wanting to stay in castle, this is a place to do it.




We had booked two nights in their 6 bed-room.  Which was perfect for us.  Though the beds were a lot closer than I had imagined, but we were with my friend and her daughter.  With our reservation linens were included, but towels are not. The bathroom is shared. We did take a peak in other rooms and the beds where like the photos shown below.

The Youth Hostel

The hostel is very nice! Gorgeous wooden staircases and a pure “castle feel”.  You won’t feel like you are royalty but there is a certainly a castle feel. Also included in your reservation breakfast is included.  It is very minimal with dry cereal, bread, jams, butter etc, but it was plentiful.  We reserved for dinner and were a bit disappointed as there was not enough food to feed everyone.  I had to request salad since I had to run out to my vehicle since my son spiked a high fever and came back to no salad.  Then they ran out of everything, but to compensate I was given a salad and a free soda. I recommend not getting dinner at the hostel, but probably lunch.  We bought lunch from the visitor’s center and spent a good $50 on sandwiches, chips and drinks.  The castle has an amazing restaurant! We did go there the first night.

Other notes!

This castle is great for One Nights, Nature Lovers, Large families, Multiple Families, Families with Young Children, & School Groups

The castle also has a nice little playground and a delicious upscale restaurant.  By the parking lot there is a cafe, food vendors and a souvenir shop.

I recommend that if you are wanting a more “private room”, contact the youth hostel directly. For us, we were able to get a private room.

The doors do not have locks on them, but we felt safe. People have to have a key to get into the building.


Although there is not parking near the castle there is a main parking lot to serve tourists. You can see the parking lot from the castle and it is only 5 min walk (if that).

What is Around

Nature and LOTS of it.  There are also other castles in the vicinity, but unfortunately since my son spiked a fever we didn’t get the chance to explore a little more.


Booking Information

Jugendherberge Dachsen

Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall

8447 Dachsen, Switzerland


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