Kids Abroad: Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg with Kids

If you are ever find yourself in or going abroad to Europe, be sure to make a trip to Strasbourg, France.  Not only for the history, but also for the beauty! My family and I have highly recommended a trip! And Don’t Forget: Bring the kids!

Strasbourg is now on our list of “We love this place” (I couldn’t think of another name) and we will certainly be taking more and more trips there! Our trip to Strasbourg was a bit of a last-minute trip, so there wasn’t very much research into what to do. I have heard MANY times that Strasbourg hosts an amazing Christmas market so I will certainly have to check out next Christmas. I would also like to go when it is much warmer since there are more places to check out when the weather is more favorable.


We drove from Kaiserslautern (near Mannheim) and we took the route via Germany both ways instead of through France. The travel took about 2 hours.  The  route was a beautiful drive as we drove through the mountains.  If you ride motorcycles, it is a great route full of curves!


My oh so wonderful husband booked fabulous Citadines ApartHotel via in the center of town (Kleber district) full of restaurants, bars and shopping.  My husband reserved a room that had a living room (with a door which made it a “room”), kitchenette, bathroom and a “master bedroom”.  Both rooms had televisions which had many channels in several languages… including an English children’s cartoon channel (Channel 45 just in case).   Our apartment was about $100 per night, but we did have to pay extra for parking on site (which was awesome) and we had no issues parking our SUV.

Strasbourg History Boat Cruise

Strasbourg is an absolutely beautiful city full of history.  Did you know that Strasbourg is actually an island?  There are 27 bridges that links to the island from many sides!   Also did you know that Strasbourg is the second largest city after Paris?  It is amazing to learn new things about new places.  How do you learn about the new city you are visiting?  For us, I think the best way, to learn about the city (in any city) I recommend taking a river cruise via Batorama.  For 5 of us it was about 40€ and that included a 15% family discount.  Children 3 and under are free.   There were 2 English channels: 1 for more detailed history or Strasbourg and the other is a children’s version of history. I actually listened to the children’s channel while my husband listened to the adult’s version that way I could have a review of both.  I found the children’s version much more entertaining.

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For the Foodies

For lunch we ate at Europ’ Café, unfortunately I didn’t take any photos since my phone had died, but it was delicious! They do have a kid’s meal too which was 7€.  Now my favorite foodie stop was while my daughter and I were exploring around our apartment and stopped at La Patisserie Kautzmann, which is a sweet tooth heaven!  Unfortunately they didn’t make it home as we ate them within 5 seconds …. ok maybe 10 minutes since we savored every delicious bite.  Apologies if we are making you drool.  We, meaning my shopping partner and I, actually stopped here 1 more time on Saturday evening and bought some more morsels.  I am drooling just thinking about their desserts.  TIP: They are closed on Sundays! I wanted to bring some home. Another place we checked out was  Boulangerie Traditionelle which was close to our hotel.  It is a little bakery with yummy treats.  My daughter picked out a cinnamon roll which was only 1€!

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For the Kids & Tiny Doors

Even though there was not very much for kids to do in central Strasbourg (that we could find) my kids loved these little doors ALL over the city! My children were absolutely fascinated with them and obviously we had to take pictures of them with them.  Did you see any tiny doors too?   We found a few tiny doors in Petite France and then also closer to the Cathedral.  We also found 2 amazing parks in Petite France! Although we didn’t stay long due to the rain which made the equipment quite slippery.


Tips For Strasbourg

WE WILL BE BACK!  If you are coming from KMC, I do believe that Strasbourg is doable as a day trip.  I would arrive early and stay later in the day.  If you are bringing a stroller, be sure to bring one that will handle cobblestone as it’s all throughout the city.  Strasbourg is an international city and therefore people do speak multiple languages and we did not have any issues.  The city is very easily walkable and be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Here are some more photos of Strasbourg! I will try to remember where they are so that you can include them in your holiday as well!

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Happy travels!


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  1. I haven’t been to many places in France but I do love pastries and the Strasbourg Tiny Doors! Was your visit expensive? We are heading to Eastern Europe in April mainly due to budget restrictions but open to ideas!

    • My kids were excited every time we found a #tinydoors! We had to take a picture. The funny thing is that they loved Strasbourg, but there was not really much for kids. But they loved the doors, walking around (kinda), & the park in Petite France. It is great that it doesn’t take much to spark their interest. Plus the entire time we were there my 5 year old wanted escargot. Haha He got it.

  2. I love Strasbourg, went 3-4 times because it is so close to KMC. I ate one of the best creme brûlées I had ever eaten there and bought ceramic Ramekins in a cute shop, so when I make my own I always think of Strasbourg. I always went with the kids and girlfriends and never my hubby, so that ended up being our very last trip in Europe before heading back to the States too.

  3. I looooove Strasbourg! I have only been there pre-kids for work and I remember thinking it was really beautiful. I also remember having a gorgeous dinner in a restaurant with a terrace on the river but I can’t recall what it was called – should go hunting for it and report back 🙂 .

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