Krka vs. Plitvice National Park

We have been to both of these amazing National Parks in Croatia and now I am showing all of my amazing viewers which you should for sure check out.  Wow! These national parks are absolutely beautiful!  So to help you all out, here is some important information about these two parks.  Included in the review of both national parks, I will discuss many aspects such as kid friendliness, disability friendliness, how much of a trek it is, how much time you should spend there and the costs.

Krka National Park 

Krka National Park is located 77 km from Zadar and 87 km from Split.  It tooks us just over an hour to drive from Zadar.  Instead of following the GPS we just followed the signs.  We parked at a campground just outside of the beautiful village of Skadrin.  There we found the ferry information to the waterfalls.  The cost for 4 adults and 7 children (kids 6 & under were free) was 600 kn which is just under $100. The ferry to the waterfalls was about 30 minutes and they run every half hour.  It was a beautiful boat ride!  The ferry will take you pretty close to the waterfalls.  You will go through the gate.  Note: there is only one sanitary block and the cost is not included in your ticket unfortunately. So be sure to have some pocket change.  Near the waterfalls there is a restaurant, souvenir shop, ice cream and more just in case you forget to bring your lunch.  There is a route around the waterfall but we chose to go swimming instead! Wow! What an experience!! In late May/early June the water was certainly cold, but it was very refreshing!

Stroller Friendly: Yes

Kid Friendly: yes

Disability Friendly: yes

Plitvice National Park

Plitvice National Park is located 242 km from Split and 118 km from Zadar.  We booked an excursion via our resort Pine Beach Resort (link is not live yet! Check on Monday!).  I wish wouldn’t have done an excursion and just did ourselves.  The tour guide hurried up through it and having 4 small kids tagging along, we were exhausted.  So if you go, for sure do it yourselves. There are lots of steps and lots of walking.  Be sure to bring plenty of water and use the restroom when you can since there are not any WCs (water closets/toilets) on the route.  They were beautiful waterfalls, but if you have time for both walking tours take your time. The total trek is about 8 km and it took us about 4 hours to complete at a quick pace.  Keep in mind majority of the walking you will do with be on a narrow wooden path and people will be walking both ways.  So if you do bring a stroller, do not bring a double. A hiking backpack is certainly highly suggested.  Children under 7 years old are free. Adults are 110 kn and kids 8+ are 55kn.

Stroller Friendly: No

Kid Friendly: Yes and no.  It depends on your child.  My kids are very used to walking around.

Disability Friendly: If you are wheelchair-bound and have mobility issues, no.


Thank you for taking your time to read our review of these two beautiful national parks.  I do highly recommend going to both of them, but certainly decide on which one is better for your family! Enjoy!