One Parent + 3 Kids = Insane? Yes… maybe.

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After we had been living in Europe for over a year, my husband is unfortunately always gone with his job, I finally declared (pardon my French) “SCREW IT! I am not waiting anymore”.  I have always wanted to travel Europe since I was little.  So I decided to travel without my husband… of course I would prefer to travel with him, but his job was certainly making it difficult to allow us to travel.

When telling people I travel alone with my children, I get two reactions (1) Wow! You are insane or (2) Wow! You are so brave.  Although to be frankly honest, I am closer to the 1st one rather than of the second one.   Currently, I have done few trips without my husband such as our trip to Zadar, Croatia; Vianden Castle in Luxembourg; camping in Saarburg and then recently to Tropical Islands.  Though I didn’t technically “go alone” to Tropical Islands since I had a good friend of mine  come with me since I was writing an article.  I have lots of travel planned over summer 2016 with my two younger children which I am very excited about!

Before you even think about traveling alone with your kids, please think about it.  Can I really travel alone with my kids? Are my kids high maintenance?  How are they when I travel with my spouse and I?  My kids are currently 9, 5 and 4 (the older two will be 10 & 6 next month actually).

After you decide that you will be travelling with your kiddos.  First thing is first, travel “for” them.  When I say that I mean when you are thinking of where to go and what to do think about them.  What would they like?  Where would they like to go? Beach? Swimming? Skiing (although I wouldn’t do this without my husband)?  Also think about your accommodations. What amenities does your resort have?  Do they offer programs for kids? Childcare?

I am going to be honest, my favorite vacation with my children was Croatia.  It had EVERYTHING a “travelling-alone-with-a-husband-away parent” could want and need! It was fantastic.  The beach was amazing. The food was phenomenal! The kids LOVED the accommodations.. even though I was hesitant that my boys were staying in a separate bungalow 20-30 feet away.  The entertainment was great.  What I loved was that they even had childcare.. even though it was minimal hours.. I still was able to leave them there and enjoy a drink or two with some new friends I made there!

When traveling with my kids I have been able to do more of the unique experiences.  In Croatia, we stayed in a hostel and a Polynesian bungalow.  Then when we went to Tropical Islands we took the train there.  Maybe not extremely unique, but I am up for adventures!

So travel with your kids is certainly in the books! Just do it! Enjoy life and travel like crazy! Finish those pages in your book of your life.  Give your kids an ed-venture that hopefully they will remember!

Happy travels!


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