Resort Review: Leading Family Hotel & Resort Dachsteinkönig

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Located in Austria’s largest ski area,Dachstein, Leading Family Hotel & Resorts is a luxury kinder (children) hotel brand. They have four resorts in Austria and Italy. They offer first class hotel standards, child supervision, leisure activities and luxury spa services. Their aim is to be in top locations for family holidays across Europe! And they did just that. Our trip to Dachsteinkönig, located in Gosau, Austria, had to be our most anticipated trip this year. Last year (2016), Leading Family Hotels & Resorts were seeking travel bloggers to come out to review their hotel and I must say I was ecstatic when I was selected to bring my family out.  We were given 2 delightful days to roam around their grounds and stay in their hotel. I should mention that a short visit there are just not reasonable and you really should soak in the pure ambiance that Dachsteinkönig offers. The resort has 105 family suites and 12 chalets (which will be 13 soon!).

Here is our review!

Dachsteinkönig was a wonderful breath of fresh air. The stay was amazing, food was amazing, activities were amazing, everything was amazing. Certainly, we had a few hiccups. The drive there was very easy, but our GPS did not pull up the address. So, we called the hotel and they guided us there. What I think would really help is a sign at the intersection in Gosau. Of course, I know that the resort is brand new and that is ALL in the works. When we checked in, our room was almost done being cleaned so we went to park in their free underground parking garage. We had absolutely no issues parking our SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee). I really loved how one of their staff members came out to ask if we need any assistance.


Not only that the front desk clerk brought us to our room and showed us how everything worked. In every room, there is a tablet that shows everything in the hotel! Though we could not use it as it was only German. We were unable to use it. Walking into the room, to the right was the Water Closet (W/C(toilet) with a small sink on one side and on the other side was the ever-amazing split bathroom. There was a relaxing soaking tub, a refreshing rain shower, double sinks (one of them was at the right height for the kids). The hotel supplied bath salts, shampoo, conditioner, kid’s shampoo/body wash, & body wash. Right past the WC is the LARGEST HOTEL CLOSET that I have EVER seen! Plenty of space for everything and we are a family of five. They even give hangers for every size of guest!! The main area of the room had a queen-sized bed and a couchette (which was for our daughter). The children’s area had a “treehouse” or playhouse and the children’s bedroom has a bunk bed. The lower bunk turns into a crib!

What we loved about our accommodation:

  • Legos were provided. Awesome!
  • If you go into the children’s room with the lights out- look at the ceiling! The stars at night are big and bright!
  • My middle child loved the “treehouse”—he even slept in it.
  • The Closet <3
  • 1st Level accommodations.
  • We had a wonderful walkout. (I wish it had chairs.)
  • We loved the essence of the room. The room smelled so refreshing.


Dining has set hours for all meals and the seating is assigned. I didn’t mind that at all since that is how it is on cruises. Plus, we would always have a table and not have to fight over one. The buffet was delicious AND included in our stay! Every meal was amazing and plentiful. Our waiter, Martin, was very knowledgeable in wine selection as well. Another amazing perk is that they put out snacks between lunch and dinner. Beverages and desserts (including ice cream) are available 24/7. The resort also has a bar area and wine tasting room.

What we loved:

      • The plentiful buffet (including a children’s buffet area)
      • Different kinds of beverages (coffee, tea and soda)

Wellness. Family. Fun.

Those are the key words when I think about this resort. Although we did not use the wellness option of this resort, it is certainly available to those that wish to enjoy it. Childcare is included and that is a very huge highlight to moms and dads that need that time to reconnect and to enjoy moments with each other. The resort offers massages, sauna and other services of all kids. On top of that, families can enjoy their luxurious pool with its infant pool area, family sauna, kids’ slides, indoor/outdoor pool and 100m waterslide. During the week, children can even learn how to swim! We really enjoyed the outdoor part of the pool as we could be exposed to the elements of the night and not be cold. The water is very enjoyable and refreshing. Our children really enjoyed the pool and spent several hours there. Also, no need to bring drinks with you, there is a soda/water fountain with plastic mugs for refreshment! Additional mentions, in the future, there will be trampolines and bouncy castles outside for additional fun!

This resorts boasts plenty of activities! There two game rooms: a teen center and the main game room. The main game room comes with a Playstation, Fuβball table, board games, a rock wall to climb on, a 1-lane bowling alley and air hockey tables as well as a theater. In the basement, there is a mini race track and a gym (to play basketball or indoor soccer). I love how there are areas of enjoyment everywhere! Near the dining room there is a play area and near the lobby there is a petting zoo (which will be expanded); and of course, the childcare areas.

Outdoor Activities

Since we were there during the winter, there is of course skiing, snowboarding & toboggan. You can get sleds for FREE at the hotel to use on the child slopes (which are free to use as well… there are three of them). You can get ski boots, snowboards, poles and other gear in their gift shop for a reasonable price as well. For the kids the rental were 6€ each for boots and skis. For adults, it was about 50€ for boots and skis. Ski lifts passes are reasonable as well and for our “after 1300” pass for my son and I, they were about 30€ for the both of us. I highly recommend getting a map of the slopes. We ended up being on a red trail and my oldest son and I are certainly not of the strongest skiers. The resort also has horse-drawn carriage rides (which we didn’t know about, but we did see them!).

Saying Goodbye

In the least, it was certainly difficult to say goodbye to such a beautiful hotel that has such intricate detail and taste to please the young and parents alike. Check out was a breeze! We were gifted water bottles, their delicious tea blend, and each of my children a stuffed mascot! We still enjoy their tea blend and I am still kicking myself for not buying their wine blend. Maybe they can ship me some!

Other Notes

This resort is dog friendly!

Resort Information

Leading Family Hotel & Resort Dachsteinkönig


Address: Am Hornspitz 1
4824 Gosau

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.  Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to check out our adventures! Here are some more photos from our trip!


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  1. This is a must go to on my list. Seems like an easy trip we can take as a family. Traveling can be hard with little kids sometimes.

  2. Wow thanks for providing all these images of your awesome trip. I’ve never been to Austria but I’ve heard you can see the northern lights from there, which is why I’d love to go there one day!

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