Sensapolis Amusement Park

Sensapolis Entrance

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About a year ago I had seen my friend post about Sensapolis Amusement Park and thought it looked amazing! So for my boys birthday (they have the same birthday…. no they are not twins) I decided that I wanted to take my family for some fun.   Sensapolis is amazing! Check out our experience review!

First Impressions

The drive time is about 2 hours from the Kaiserslautern area and it was fairly easy to find.  I absolutely LOVE how they have FREE parking! Getting our tickets and checking in was a breeze.  Everyone in your party gets a card for getting in and purchasing food, but do not lose them or you will be charged 75€ per card.  Thankfully we did not lose any.  The facility is massive! There are tons of things to do for your children.  I was in awe with the space area and the castle of course. There is literally something for everyone! The food is pretty good too! My husband and I both had cheeseburgers and fries, our children had chicken nuggets with fries and all together it was about 25€.

Fun Time

We arrived around noon and the kids had about 5 hours of play time.  My daughter’s favourite part had to be the castle. I was really happy to find that there were so many areas in the castle to explore.  Of course there is the Throne Room which includes of course a throne and a magical harp.  If you take spiral staircase there is Magical “carpet ride” room.  Though we did not get the chance to “ride” it.  I feel that they would do better if there were several more “carpets” so more people can ride it. My kids really loved the adventure park area where they could climb like a zipline without the zipline part.  Though there is something for everyone there!

Things I Recommend

  • I personally think they could really use more lockers.  As far as I saw I could only see maybe 100 lockers and they were all being utilized.
  • I loved the “parents room” at the top of the castle, but I really did not see anything about it actually being there.


  • There is parent’s room on the top of the castle.
  • Lockers are by the space station.
  • This facility is stroller and wheelchair accessible!
  • DO make sure you check out the science area!
  • Kids are FREE on their birthday!!
  • For the racing and zipline experiences you must be 1.40cm


We had an amazing time and my kids loved it! I would love to go back with the kids in the future.

Here are photos from our experience!


Thank you for taking the time to read our experience! Have you been there?  Looking to go there? Leave us a comment below!


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