Speyer Technik Museum

Have a love for planes, trains and automobiles?  Oh and U-boats? Fighter jets? Space? Then the Technik Museum in Speyer, Germany is RIGHT up your alley! We have been to the Technik Museum 2x now.  We went during the summer time and then recently (last month).  The first time we went it was an absolutely beautiful day with not one cloud in the sky and it was packed.  Recently it was blah and raining and hardly anyone there. Now if only it was a beautiful day and no one there.  That would be a dream come true right?  Ok back on task.

My kids absolutely LOVE this place!

So the cost of going to the Technik Museum for the 4 of us (1 adult and three children) was 27€50. Kids 5 and under are free!

So there three areas of the Technik Museum: the old warehouse, the outside area and the newer building.

The old warehouse was personally my favorite as it housed an old carousel, big orchestra you paid 1-2€ for some amazing old German music, as well as old modes of transportation through all eras.

I did also love the outdoor area, but for some reason I didn’t take a whole lot of photos from this previous visit so I have also added photos from our first trip there!  We really loved the outdoor area as well! There is a ton to see.  If you are hungry there is also a restaurant too outside!

The last year is the Space area! Not only do they have the space shuttle they have other mode of transportation in that building such as VERY old bicycles, & motorcycles. Close to the entrance you can take a photo with an astronaut (it is in already in the photo).  You can have it emailed to yourself! The space shuttle is pretty neat to look inside of!

Obviously since we have been to the Technik Museum… it is “Kid Friendly Europe 101” approved! 🙂

Stroller/wheelchair friendly? mostly… with exception of going into the planes outside, but just roaming around yes.  The Air & Space building it is stroller friendly since there is an elevator.

Parking: There is parking on site and you do pay for it.  We were there for about 3 hours and it was about 3-4€.

Thank you so much for reading! Have any questions or comments?  Please feel free to post below!