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Are you a Sound of Music fan? With or without kids this is certainly a tour that you should definitely look into doing! It was certainly fun to see all of the movie locations! And the location to this tour is in beautiful Salzburg, Austria! I remember watching the Sound of Music as a child and singing all the catchy songs.  Now I really wish I would have shown my kids the movie before we did the tour.  Note to self: Show the kids the movie.  There are many companies that cater to Sound of Music tours and we decided to do our tour with Panorama, which is the original tour operator!

Look for the Panorama tour bus!

Did you know that the story of the Von Trapp family is real?  Well most of it!

“The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music…” it was certainly just that (alive) on our amazing private tour with Panorama’s Sound of Music tour is Salzburg.  Now… we were not supposed to have a private tour.  We were actually running late due to traffic and we missed our tour bus (oops!).  The tour was amazing! Huge thanks to Anna!  Her voice! Oh my! It is still echoing in my brain! If you have Anna on your tour you will certainly receive a treat!

Our first stop was the beautiful lake; in which Maria and the children were rowing up to the house. The small artificial lake is called Leopaldskroner Teich.  My kids loved all the ducks in the lake (bring some bread to feed?).  We stopped for maybe about 20 minutes. Since we were on a private tour, I am sure the stop was longer to really bask in the ambiance from the movie.  Pulling up to the lake I think I dropped a few tears as well.  I know… I am such a sucker. Ha!

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Did you know that the house that is near the lake is NOT the house used in the movie?  Now you know!

Our second stop was at Schloss Hellbrunn.  Here is the gazebo that is used for the song I am Sixteen Going on Seventeen.  Unfortunately you can not go inside of the gazebo, because apparently a woman wanted to recreate the song, fell and broke her ankle!  Someone has to ruin it right?  Oh well.. that could have been me! Also right next to the castle you can see the beautiful tree-lined road to Villa Trapp.  Unfortunately the tour does not take you any closer to their Villa, but atleast you can see the house from the main road!

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Did you know that the gazebo used in the movie is no longer at the original location?  It was moved to Schloss Hellbrunn due to people trespassing to get a glimpse.  

Our next part of the tour was driving through the Unterberg (Under Mountains).  It was a beautiful long drive to get to the beautiful village of Mondsee.  On the way there we saw Red Bull headquarters and I think I may work there in the future. The Mondsee Cathedral is the location where Maria and Captain Von Trapp were married (in the movie)!   In the village of Mondsee, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, a gelato cafe, a grocery store and plenty of shopping! We were given an hour to roam around and enjoy the sites! Tip: The walk from the bus area to the main area took about 10-15 minutes.

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Stroller Rating: Yes

Disability Rating: Yes

Kid Friendliness: I would say that this tour is perfect for kids that are older (8+?).  Though if you do this tour be sure to bring your children activities to do i.e. coloring books, movies (bring headsets), etc.

Tour Duration: 4 hours with about 4 stops.

Tour Operator Information: Panorama Tours


Thank you for taking your time to read our review of Panorama! Hope you enjoyed the photos! Please leave us a comment and share with your friends and family!



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  1. Sarah did this tour (well possibly with a different operator) fifteen years ago!

    I’m willing to bet it hasn’t changed all that much though 😉

  2. Sound of Music, is a personal favourite, and the Salzburg Castle is so charming, would love to get there walk on the gardens. Hope to catch the sound of Do Re Me…

  3. Love the movie and would love to go on a tour like this someday soon 🙂 It’s interesting that the house is not actually theeee house 😛 How fun! And cute pictures 🙂

  4. It looks like a fun day with your kids, and the tour seems really cool. Everytime I’ve been checking out such places, I’ve been in awe between so much memories, because well, I’ve grown up with that kinda movies!

  5. What?? Oh my gosh I had no idea this was a thing!! I’m such a fan of The Sound of Music and we used to watch it all the time as a family!! (Literally my mom still hangs on to the hope that we’ll become the Von Trapp family and sing our lives away). Adding this to my bucket list NOW!!

  6. Now I have all the Sound of Music songs stuck in head! Looks like a really great tour. I’m planning a trip to Europe right now and have been looking for the best Sound of Music tours – thanks for this!

  7. Beautiful tour! I personally love the Salzkammergut area, though I haven’t been on a Sound of Music tour. It’s a really great way to explore the area! 🙂

  8. I desperately wanted to do this. I was in Vienna less than a month ago, and I meant to spend a day in Hallstatt and then a day in Salzburg, but I caught an awful cold in Vienna, and ended up spending 2 days in bed. Really sucks! Reading your experience made me feel good and bad at the same time – good coz I lived it through you, and bad coz of course, I couldn’t experience this for myself! Well, at least I’ve one more reason to go back to Austria 😉

    • Oh no! That is horrible! Glad you stopped to rest up though. Being sick on the “road” and not at home is horrible. You have to find medications that are in another language and whatnot and sometimes the medications are not even strong enough. Maybe one day you will get the chance to go back to experience it again. 🙂

  9. I also love the movie (I guess watched it more than 10 times) and this tour will give another sweet memories for us 😀

  10. Oh any tour in Salzburg or anywhere in Austria would be nothing less than amazing. I am not a Sound of music fan but it seems this tour is worth going to

  11. I think the Sound of Music will have a very special place in my heart for a long time to come. Who can resist breaking out into song?! Your photographs of the scenery are breathtaking, the sky is so blue and the grass is so green it is so stunning. I would love to participate in a Sound of Music tour but I don’t think my boyfriend will quite understand the relevance behind it all but I know he could appreciate it just the same! Really enjoyed this post.

  12. Argh that looks so cool. I can’t wait until we go next winter. Thank you for the tips though, if we saw ducks and didn’t bring bread, the trip would have been ruined, the ducks would have starved because of our carelessness, oh the drama. lol.

  13. Seeing and experiencing the Sound of Music in person would make anyone teary 🙂 A shame the gazebo isn’t open to the public, if only that woman had been careful!

  14. This is another great reason to go back to Austria!
    I really love the pictures of you and your kids. The fact that they get to explores the world through real experience is so inspiring.

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