Train Trip to Denmark & Sweden

I am honestly so late in writing this review, but better late than never correct? Before the kids were to head back to school I wanted to take them on a trip to Denmark and Sweden.  I had a friend of mine told me that they stayed in Malmo and then would “train-it” to Copenhagen back and forth.  Lets just say that this was one trip that was very unorganized and not very thought out about but that is the purpose of a blog correct?  A blog is supposed to give you all our experience.

Travel Oops

  • Do not book a hotel in Sweden and then go into Denmark.   Even if the hotels are CHEAPER in Malmo.. do not do it. Trust me.
  • Keep in mind going back and forth is expensive! The family pass which is 2 adults and 3 kids, for the train was about $20 USD each way. Though when we were travelling, we travelled with 2 adults and 5 kids, but luckily the 2 youngest were free. Whew!
  • The train wasn’t “too bad” for my children and I either way, but my friend and her children were not so lucky.  They were in a compartment with three men and just couldn’t fall asleep on the way there.  Completely understandable.
  • DO take advantage of public transportation OR a sightseeing bus.  The city map makes it seem like landmarks are nearby.. yet they are not.  The Little Mermaid statue from downtown is a good hike. We were 1 hour into our walk when we decided to take the train and it was still a hike from the train station.
  • Do get a taxi going to the hotel from the airport or train station.  As we were walking ALL over the place trying to find our hotel. We were tired and cranky.

So now that we are done with that we can get onto the fun things we did while in Denmark and Sweden!  Since you all know that I am adventurous, I decided to take the kids on the train versus driving to Denmark and Sweden.  We took an overnight train from Kaiserslautern, Germany.  We had two stops each way: Mannheim and Hamburg.  Be sure to check out my 11 Long-Distance Train Tips!  Hamburg is a huge train station and they have everything there! Mannheim is a very small station.  Do keep in mind that this train station is closed from 1a to 4a, in which we noticed when we went to Tropical Islands last January.  We froze our bums off!  Note: Be sure that when you are booking you are not stuck at a closed station!

So the neat thing about our train trip is that our train boarded onto a ferry! So you will have to disembark off of the train and go onto the top decks of the ferry.  Both times we were on the ferry it was during the day.  The ferry has a shop with goodies, a play area, cafeteria, and more.  It was such a delight to be on the ferry since I didn’t know it was going to happen! It was certainly a surprise.  Note: After going on the ferry the train will be stopped and officials will board.  You will need your passport!! Don’t forget it!!!


Once in Copenhagen, we went for lunch in the train station.  It was pretty good! Then we went to figure out how to buy our transfer tickets to Malmo.  Unfortunately you can not buy the tickets in advance OR from a kiosk.  You will need to go to the main ticket office.  There were many people in queue, but it took me just about 10-15 minutes to get our tickets and be on our way.  We found out that on the way out we would have to get off the train go through security.  Not the actual airport security. You will just go to track 1 and there they will check your passports! Please keep in mind that EVERY TIME you go to Sweden you will need to do this!  After doing this a few times it was easier… of course.

We finally made it Malmo and made our way to our hotel.  There was a huge festival going on, Malmo Festival. Of course we had to check it out! We didn’t ride any rides though.  But if you wanted something to eat they had everything imaginable EVEN Texas BBQ.  The lines for food were forever long. BUT there is something I should say. Every vendor accepted credit card! Even some only accepted credit card.  So like most places in Europe you don’t need cash in Sweden.  I made reservations at the Scandic Malmo City Hotel and WOW! It was amazing! There were children’s play areas all over the hotel (in the courtyard, by the check-in desk and by the breakfast area).  Don’t get me started on the amazing breakfast, which is included! YUMMY!!! Our room was wonderful as well.  It had a kitchenette, king-size bed and a pull out couch! Not a good city view, but it was nice for some light.

We had a good time at the Tivoli Gardens! Please keep in mind that on some rides an adult HAS to ride with them.  Getting the unlimited ride pass was certainly worth it or else you will be having to pay per ride and that WILL add up.  I had originally bought the passes just for the kids but since my little ones and my friend’s daughter needed me on the ride with them I went ahead and bought one. We LOVED the ballet they had there! It is at the Chinese theater.  While at the park, we ate at the restaurant on the Pirate ship.  I was not very impressed with the food unfortunately.  Also in Copenhagen, we went to see The Little Mermaid statue and she was beautiful! While we were there, there were tons of other tourists.


Other than our “oops”, the trip was fine, but I would love to go back! We really enjoyed Tivoli and seeing The Little Mermaid, but I know I would love to explore a little more. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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