Family Travel Bloggers to Watch in 2016!

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Welcome to the 20 Family Travel Bloggers to Watch in 2016!

I have seen so many lists for the Top so and so and such and such bloggers to watch in 2016.   And I thought, Why not do a post about family travel bloggers to watch? Of course you should watch Kid Friendly Europe 101, but you should DEFINITELY watch the bloggers below! These amazing families are from all over the globe and have seen and been on every single continent except for Antarctica. These families are from different backgrounds: some are military, some are nomads, some stay where they are and travel on the weekends.  The travel adventures of these families are absolutely outstanding!  I feel that it is so important to travel with your children.  I does NOT have to be to another country or to Disney Resorts.  It can be as simple as camping. Though something camping is not very simple.  You can ask my husband about our experience.  So over the last past few weeks I have been gathering up information about the following amazing Family Travel Bloggers for you all to watch this year, 2016!  It was amazing reading these family blogs and honestly some of them made me jealous of all of their adventures!

How To Use the Slideshow

To view the photos and text better, please be sure to click on the tab to make the slideshow full screen (the arrows pointing out). The slides are automatically set to change after 1 minute so if you wish to click through more quickly you may! The amazing thing is that the slideshow is fully accessible! You can click on ALL of the hyperlinks to the amazing bloggers listed!

We would love to say thank you to all of the families that contributed to this list!

Happy travels!


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So for those family travel bloggers that missed out on this “to watch” list… I am making another one since I have more asking to be in my list.  So if you are interested I need a short bio about your blog/family (3rd person), photo (not a logo) and social media links.

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  1. Oh I love all of this inspiration! Thank you so much for including us in your list. Family Travel is awesome and we still aren’t tired after 3 1/2 years of travel. Let’s see how long we can go!

  2. Thank you so much for including us! I really appreciate it and you are so gifted. The way you did the slideshow. I would have never been able to do it. It is really interesting seeing all of the other family travel bloggers and what their situations are. Thanks Jennifer!

  3. What a lovely presentation. I don’t know much family travel bloggers myself but this list helps! Oh, I know Brenda Tolentino and Erin Bender who are also running a family travel blog. You should check them out!

  4. Great list. We’re also an American family living in Europe and blogging about our travels. I’d love for you to check us out for next year’s list! And if you’re interested in visiting Amsterdam with your family, I recently published a travel guide about it on Amazon called “Family Friendly Amsterdam.” 😀

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