2015 Year in Review: July to September

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So here is our 2015 year in review for July to September.


Honestly we didn’t do very much in July since my husband’s father passed away this month and we went back to the US for a few weeks.  We also didn’t do much to report on.


We went to the Black Forest!! It was phenomenal! Of course you can NOT go to the black forest without getting a cuckoo clock! We checked out the largest Cuckoo Clock in the World & went to the waterfall as well! Unfortunately I didn’t write a blog post about this adventure.

Our favorite trip for the month of August was our amazing trip to Croatia.  And you can read more about it here! I would love to put more information here… but I would REALLY love for you to read the article!!


Whew! September we did a TON!

First of all we went to Disneyland Paris.  I highly recommend a trip to Disneyland Paris if you LOVE Disney.  It is somewhat like Disney in the US, but it is certainly scaled down and they mostly speak French.  The good thing is that English is the second language and MOST of the cast members speak it.  My daughter’s favorite part was the Frozen sing along.  Also if you are MILITARY they do offer a 50% off discount!

Then we went to the Vianden Chateau in Luxembourg…. if you haven’t seen this castle then you are missing out.  The tour for us was 8 euro for 1 adult and three children (my younger two were free).  You get to see quite a bit of the castle and als on your OWN TERMS!!

Then we went to the Bad Duerkheim Wine Festival! Parents this is a wine festival you HAVE to go to while you are in Germany! HAVE TO! No ifs, no butts and no coconuts. Oh hint to the wise…. get half wine & half water. You will thank me soon enough.  The wine is STRONG!!! 🙂

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