Chateau de Burnand

Back in September, my husband and I were discussing as to where we wanted to go for Spring Break in 2016 and we decided on the French Riviera.  From where we live in Germany it is about a 10 hour drive so we wanted to spend a few days somewhere in between which would be in Côte-d’Or and the surrounding area.  I knew I wanted to stay in a castle, but either (1) they were not available for our dates, (2) they were WAY out of our budget or (3) we would have to stay in multiple rooms.  A couple of months ago, I received an email from AirBnB with a list of castles to stay in and I found Chateau de Burnand (unfortunately I can not find the link).  I contacted them right away so we could make the reservation.  We reserved the Rose Room for 204€ per night and it included a Continental breakfast.  Of course I was hesitant due to the price, but we went ahead and reserved since … well we are staying in a castle!

The drive through the villages to the castle were breathtakingly beautiful! We drove through medieval villages that dated back thousands of years full of life and color.  When we finally arrived at Chateau de Burnand, Jeane, the owner greeted us.  She gave us a tour of the castle and to our room and helped us settle in.  The Rose Room is PERFECT for a family of 5 and possibly even more.  I do have to say the beds were a bit uncomfortable.  So if you have a bad back before to bring some extra cushioning, but other than that no other complaints.

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Surrounding the castle is tranquil with rolling hills, flowers and beautiful old buildings.  The castle is said to be built on ancient ruins!  Our children had an amazing time exploring the grounds as they pleased; while my husband and I spent time chatting with other guests of the castle and Jeane.  It was very international! One couple were from Worms, Germany (right by us), another from Switzerland, another from the UK and the other from the Netherlands.  We didn’t have very much of a language barrier either! It was absolutely fantastic and relaxing.

Jeane was the PERFECT host.  Every morning she would let us know what was going on in the area.  She recommended the market in Cluny.  So we packed up the kids for just a short 30 minute trip there.  It is a GORGEOUS village.  Lots of goodies in every nook and cranny. Bought some delicious strawberries, some dessert spreads, baguettes, a beautiful basket to carry all of the goodies in and more.  After we hit up Cluny, we went to Acrobath parc, a zipline park.  The kids had a wonderful time! We ate some lunch (they have picnic areas!) and the guys hit the lines! Unfortunately our daughter was not able to do the lines as kids have to be 6 years old to go, BUT they do have a “treasure hunt” for the little ones.



France does have tolls, but in this region there were not many of them.

Take the backroads! Beautiful!


Castle Information:

Chateau de Burnand



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  1. When you drive to all of these different places are you paying the economy prices for gas? We went on a cruise leaving from Savona last week and when we tried to use our Esso card in Italy it didn’t work, has/does this happen to you?

  2. I wished I lived within driving distance to the French Riviera. I have not yet used the services of AirBnB but using it for the first time to be able to stay in a castle sounds like a fantastic plan!

    • We actually did not book via AirBnB. I contacted the castle directly to book. The amazing thing about living in Europe is that you can drive through several countries in one day. Last year when we went on our cruise we drove through Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany… in ONE DAY! It is pretty neat! Of course my kids still don’t quite understand about countries, but we are teaching them along the way. I finally was able to teach my daughter how to greet people in France by saying “Bonjour” and well she is still saying it. So super cute! Have a great day!

  3. Gosh, sleeping in castle… what a dream!! I bet the kids must have loved it too. It’s crazy what kind of places you can find on AirBNB these days. I hope you guys had a good time in the French Riviera too. It’s one of my favourite places in the world.

  4. This would be a true adventure and we have used AIRBNB as you did a number of times. We took a place through them in Barcelona, Bucharest and Istanbul and are about to use one in Mongolia for a month. I know that staying in a real castle must have been great. A little (lot) out of our normal budget but we may have to do it one time. J and L

  5. This must be like a dream come true for you! Staying overnight in a castle must be such a great experience! I would really like to give it a go and what you mentioned with using Airbnb I think this is a pretty good idea. I stayed once in Queensland in a kind of villa with my partner via Airbnb and it was such a good experience 🙂 thanks to you I have now a new point for my bucket list 🙂

  6. A castle?! That is definitely an interesting place to stay during a trip! I think it’s about time I get a little more adventurous with my accommodation and take a leaf out of your book! How did you enjoy the Côte-d’Or?

  7. I’ve always wanted to stay in a castle! I’ll have to keep this for later since I’m hoping to make a trip to Europe soon. There just aren’t as many castles over here in the US 😉

  8. So gorgeous! I love visiting castles wherever I go, and I have been dreaming of a Castle tour in France for a while. Staying in one is just so much better, though. I get the prices would be higher, but I somehow expect it from a place like this.

  9. This sounds like a great trip, I’ve always wanted to say in a castle! I think my son would love staying in the castle and playing knights! When you drive do you pay cash for the tolls? Whenever we drive into Austria the signs say there are tolls but I’ve never seen any toll booths! We drive into France to go shopping and I’ve never seen any tolls, but that’s just about 45 in so maybe thats why?

  10. Visiting Chateau de Burnand castle must have been amazing. I can imagine sleeping there and it really does make ne wonder.. wandering around also would be brilliant. I need to visit Riviera, i think it would be perfect as a road trip for me. Fantastic!

  11. I love it! Staying in a castle is a dream of mine. I remember how shocked I was when I first arrived in Europe and saw how many there were. Looks beautiful.

  12. I’d love to stay in a CASTLE!! And that surrounding countryside looks stunning. I’d have to play dressup and pretend I was part of Downton Abbey haha!

  13. “”We drove through medieval villages that dated back thousands of years full of life and color. “”

    Woow, that sounds super interesting. Would love to see these villages. How was the English communication in France?

  14. Ah! The with the grass so green and the place so unique, the place is worth the price, and as you mentioned, that feeling of living in a castle, it is to be experienced to be cherished! Now, this one is in the bucketlist!

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