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I had been asking to husband for weeks… what are we doing for Thanksgiving weekend?  Finally the answer: Munich.  And not only with the kids but with our two mini schnauzers.  Finding accommodations was like looking for a pin in a haystack, but we found one.  And then also finding things to do in Munich was another thing.  I think I was mostly nervous about taking our dogs on a trip since they usually stay behind with a dog sitter, but we wanted to try something new.  And it went amazing! Would I bring them on another trip? Yes!

From our drive last night to Munich. #scaryfog

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My husband being a cheapskate we stayed at Pension Siddiqi (which is basically a hostel). Our room looked NOTHING like the photos on the website.  Our room was probably the size of a walk in closet, but we dealt with it.  The bathrooms smelled of cigarettes and were not on some type of cleaning schedule.  Also it seems like we were in the loudest hallway with some sort of party going on across from us.  They should have at least invited us (sarcasm).  I didn’t mind them chatting, but the constant slamming of the doors is what kept me awake.  But what helped lure me to sleep was putting on some white noise.  Even though this was a horrible hotel it did have some perks: free parking, lots of restaurants and grocery stores nearby, pets stay FREE, and the most amazing flohmarkt right across the street (which is open on Saturdays 9-3pm).

What We Did

One of the main attractions I wanted to see was the Glockenspiel! If you have a SUV I HIGHLY recommend parking at CONTIPARK Tiefgarage Stachus and the address is: Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße 11, 80331 München, Germany. Coming out of the parking lot you will be directly across from the Karlstor.  You will need to go across the street to get there.  While we were there there was an ice skating rink set up there! We stopped for some delicious crepes before heading on. The Glockenspiel is AMAZING and I highly recommend seeing it chime and dance at noon! The whole thing is a good 10 minutes long! If you continue walking you will see the Children’s Toy Museum on the left, but if you continue on there is a huge meat market will several shops selling.  My dogs were going a little crazy!   

If you are looking for an all day type of adventure, I highly recommend checking out Nymphenburg Palace.  It was perfect for the dogs to get some exercise.  Plus it is FREE to roam around the gardens.  We spent several hours checking out the gardens and the nearby Botanical Gardens which is also FREE during the winter months. I would LOVE to go back there to see all the fountains on and the trees and flowers blooming.

If you are a huge Charlie & the Chocolate Factory fan like we are then you would be happy to hear that the entire movie was filmed mostly in Munich and surrounding areas! Since the movie was actually a low budget film and Hollywood is well Hollywood, the filmmakers decided to film the movie here in Germany.  Most of the movie was filmed at the Bavarian Film Studios and then there are several on-location places.  We saw the FilmStudios but we missed the last tour by a mere 15 minutes (next time!), but we did see the gates to Willy Wonka’s factory which was only 10 minutes from where we were staying! I am hoping before we head back to the US that we can even go see Nördlingen  which is the location where Willy Wonka and Charlie fly over in the glass elevator.

We had a great time in Munich this past weekend! And I would LOVE to go back (with different accommodations of course) think we did quite a bit.. especially since we were limited due to bringing our two mini schnauzers. Thank you for your time to read our recent adventure!

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  1. I am getting to know your website. Thank you for such a great info about Munich. We haven’t been there yet, but before going I will definitely read all your details.

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