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We Love Edventures!

On this series of “Kids Abroad” our topic is about Edventure.  What is that?  I will explain later!

But first..When was the last time you took your children on a vacation?  Vacations do not have to include Disney World or skiing in the Alps, but they should certainly include the ones that you love the most.  For me, that is my children and my husband (of course).  For my children, I will do anything for them to see the world like I did when I was a child.  Yes, I don’t remember anything, but with my experiences as a child traveller has brought me to where I am right now. Travelling with my children in Europe!  Why is travelling so important?  Put the costs aside and the occasional temper tantrums of my 5 year old, these have honestly been the best years of my life.  My children are continuing what I did after I was born to do.  Travelling.


Yes the experience.  When your child is older they will tell their friends and colleagues “Hey! I have been there!” even though they may not remember it.  Like how I don’t remember anything about living in Saudi Arabia or visiting Spain, Greece etc.. heck I hardly remember visiting Singapore, Dubai and Hawaii in my 20s while I was serving in the US Navy.  Like I said, it is about the experience.  Most people want to continue that adventure, but maybe it is just me.

Our Experience on the Train in Germany,
Our Experience on the Train in Germany,


Travelling is like a huge field trip.  The kids and I have visited numerous castles and cities all over Europe.  The kids get a taste of what it was like “back in the day”.  My children do attend an English-speaking school, but we travel all over the weekend.  Can you imagine us in Paris one weekend and then Prague the next weekend?  That is how close we are! Although we didn’t do that, but you get the picture.  My children are getting a history lesson if they know it or not.

Learning about Dinosaurs in Kaiserslautern, Germany.
Learning about Dinosaurs in Kaiserslautern, Germany.


Adding onto education, I feel that culture has a whole other category. Living in Germany, I have embraced being with my family more.  I am also embracing the German way of life i.e. recycling, conversation, shopping etc.  Germany is not just all about Oktoberfest, castles, beir (maybe a lot really) and pretzels.  Germany is about the land (which is beautiful by the way), the architecture, the people, the food (yum), the language and much much more, but this is for every country.  Is my Sociology major coming out much?

Taking part in festivals all over Germany!
Taking part in festivals all over Germany!

Mix Them Up!

Now lets combine all three of three topics (Culture, Education and Experience) and call these “edventures” because lets be honest YOU are taking your child(ren) on a adventure that is in fact full of education… believe it or not.  Your child(ren) will gain so much education from your edventure which are first hand experiences!  How cool is that?  Your children will share with their friends that they went to Germany and “lived” in a castle for a few days, but not only that they will share about all the other places they enjoyed as well. People will live bi-curiously through you.  Now should you write about it?  Absolutely! Everyone has an experience to share.  Plus for me… it is a way for me to remember every detail of the trip.

Thank you for reading! Do you use the word “edventure”?  Share your edventures below!!

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