Our Ultimate European Bucket List

According to the United Nations, there are 44 recognized countries in Europe.  Have you made you Europe travel list? Lately have been thinking of all the places in Europe that I want to go to before we move back to the United States.  So … here are the places that we would love to go to and go to again!

Andorra.- I love small countries and I would love to visit

Austria- Been to Salzburg, but would love to go to Vienna.

Belgium – Been to and I am going again.  I would love to visit Brugge and Ghent

Croatia Well obviously we LOVE Croatia and would love to explore more!

Czech Republic: We have been to the Czech Republic two times in Prague.  Would love to explore more of it!

Denmark: We are going here next month! Can’t wait!

Finland: My grandmother was from Helsinki.  Finland is certainly up there on my travel wish list.  I would also love to go to the Laplands to see Santa.  That is our (my) dream vacation.

France: We LOVE France! We have been France several times. 3x to Paris and also to the French Riviera.

Germany: We currently reside in Germany.  I would still love to explore of it! Probably with some Christmas markets this year! Excited!

Greece: I used to live in Athens as a child.  We are working on a possible trip there next spring break.

Iceland: YES YES YES! Iceland is one place I would LOVE to have a girls weekend trip to! Sign me up!

Ireland: Same as Iceland. I would LOVE to go to Ireland. I have been hooked ever since I watch P.S. I Love You.

Italy: We have been to Italy 2x. Really enjoyed it, but not sure I would go back… unless I was going on a cruise. I would love to see Venice though.

Latvia: I would love to go to Riga.  I hear it is absolutely beautiful there.  Maybe do a short cruise to Helsinki too!

Liechtenstein: Another small country that I would love to just say that I have been to! We are hopefully checking it out in December!

Luxembourg: We have been to Luxembourg.  Vianden Castle is absolutely amazing!

Macedonia: History! Yes please!

Malta- OMG Malta was absolutely beautiful! Everyone was super nice! Wish we had more than 5 hours to explore!

Monaco: Went there just say that we have been there. Bad huh? LOL
Netherlands: This is one of the most beautiful and friendliest countries that we have ever been to.  I wouldn’t even mind living here!
Norway: My daughter is a HUGE Frozen fan! Fjords anyone?  Hmmm maybe an Frozen-themed trip!

Poland: I would love to go Polish pottery shopping here! Sign me up!

Portugal: This is another country that is high on my travel wish list. My mom went there a while ago and she had high regards to it.  I would love to visit Porto and Lisbon.

RussiaL I would LOVE to go to St. Petersburg.

San Marino: The country that we ALMOST went to on our 17-day road trip this summer.

Slovenia: S-LOVE-nia was amazing! Absolutely beautiful.  I would be back in a heartbeat.

Spain: We really loved our cruise stop in Barcelona. I would love to go back and go to Madrid to visit some family.

Sweden: Super excited to be heading to the IKEA capital next month!

Switzerland: Spent some time there recently.  It is such a beautiful country.  I wouldn’t mind going back soon.  I would really love to go to Valle Verzasca!

United Kingdom: We have been to London and Edinburgh.  We have friends there and I would love to go back to visit!

Vatican City: I have seen it from afar.  So that counts right?

I have come to the realization that I want to go everywhere.

Thank you for reading! Have you been to the places I want/have been to?  Recommendations? Where should we go?

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  1. I agree with you on Malta, Austria, and The Netherlands. Of course I am biased to Vienna because I live here, but Malta was gorgeous and we have been to The Netherlands so many times and they are really the friendliest. I really like this list and your reasons. You should go to Portugal and to Spain for sure! You will love Denmark! I had an amazing time there, and more friendly people to meet!

  2. I’ve been to almost whole Europe and they are all amazing in their own way. If i had to mention somw favorite. That would be Slovenia, czech and italy.

  3. Have you visited Turin, in Italy? If not, I recomment not to miss it. Venice is fascinating and very well known and touristic, but Torino was the first italian capital city and the king residence… definitely a not to miss! If you decide to come, let me know and I would be please to guide you around 🙂

  4. Your Bucket list is very complete! I think you will love Andorra, it is so small but has a lot to offer, from luxury hotels to budget stays. And it’s nature is truly amazing!

  5. You definitely have to visit Bruges! But I suggest you also add Romania on your list, there are some places where nature is at its best and I am sure you would love it

  6. Do you like to Bali? Bali is also very amazing, a lot of great tourist attractions. hehehehe..
    but I actually want to visit Europe. I’ve heard a lot of interesting things in Europe. it makes me want to go there.

  7. This is just the list I would like to explore. My personal favourites are Vatican city and Belgium. Vatican has always attracted me strangely espcially after reading Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons and since I am a Tintin fan whos from Belgium , it has to be on my list and for the chocs as well.

  8. I’ve never been to Europe but I am finally going to study there this august. I am going to France, Switzerland, and Italy. I wish I could go to Spain since my grandmothers family is Spanish and I would love to meet the town where they used to live. I would love to go to so many other European countries tho!

  9. OMG….your list so resonates mine. It is almost as if I would have written it. Agree with you the most on on Austria, Netherlands and Belgium….would love to stay in Netherlands. I fell in love with it.

  10. My Europe bucket list looks a lot like yours. I definitely want to go everywhere too. I wish we lived in Europe so we could take weekend trips to nearby countries. Malta is definitely very high on our list. You must definitely go to Iceland. It was a memorable trip for our entire family.

  11. I think if I made a European bucket list, I’ll come to the same conclusion as you did — I want to go everywhere! Haha.

    Check out Hallstatt, Austria as well as any of the national parks of Czech Republic (example: Cesky Svycarsko). 🙂

  12. Thank you for sharing your EU bucket list, and I hope that I could reach at least a couple of these places too! I’m excited 😀

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