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Our family absolutely love museums and we know (most of) y’all love museums too! Why?  It is a great way to show our children life history in a fun, exciting and educational way.  There are several types of museums all over the world, we always see ourselves in air & space and natural history museums.  We also enjoy children museums! We love seeing our children’s eyes light up when they see something they are very interested in.  Of course it lights the bulb in our head… we have to go to more!!

So every month, my children and I try to visit at least one museum  in the area.  Since we moved to Europe, our family have visited several in other countries.  I am alway scouring the web for fun and exciting new museums to check out with my children.

And here are some amazing family travel bloggers!

Photo Courtesy: Tapped Out Travellers

Neanderthal Museum By: Tapped Out Travellers

If you are looking into a unique museum in Europe, look no further than the Neanderthal Museum in Mettman, Germany. The Neanderthal Museum’s name says it all! Don’t forget the duck area and the souvenir shop!  Read More: HERE

Prehistoric skeletons at the National Museum Cardiff - 5 Cardiff family attractions not to miss
Photo Courtesy: Tin Box Traveller

National History Museum Cardiff

We are huge lovers of the National History Museums.  We have been to the one in London, Karlsruhe and of course in the United States.  They never get old. Hahaha.  Sorry that made me laugh. Read more here!


Photo Courtesy: The Daily Adventures of Me

Harry Potter Studios

Though we have been to London, we didn’t get the chance to go to the Harry Potter exhibit there. BUT… I was super stoked about reading this because… we are going to the Harry Potter exhibit next month in Brussels!! Read More Here.

AND.. one more!


Speyer Technik Museum

Yes yes yes! I highly recommend this place! My children and I have been two times.  You can read more about this awesome and amazing place here.

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