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Yes… I am VERY VERY VERY late in posting this.  But we did a MASSIVE move back to the United States so FINALLY here it is! Well… we didn’t get lucky in Ireland with say “gold” over the rainbow somewhere, but we did get lucky seeing a rainbow!  Our trip to Ireland was amazing.  We started our trip out of Frankfurt Hahn airport (Germany) and landed in landed in Kerry (since it was significantly cheaper than flying to Dublin).  Though the flight was only one hour, unfortunately our flight arrived late so our plans for that day were swiped off the board.  Of course when you fly to Kerry (well to Ireland more like) a rental car is certainly needed.  We rented our car, a Renault, from Dan Dooley Car Rentals via our booking with RyanAir.  With our booking we were given an amazing book that had road trips in it so we took one of them! Look below!  We also made a BIG oopsy… we totally forgot to grab our GPS out of our vehicle but luckily I was able to score a WiFi card with our rental.  Let me tell you something… best. thing. ever! Especially when travelling!  The Kerry airport is VERY small, but DO NOT let that fool you.  I will discuss why later on our return back to Germany.  Customs and baggage pick-up was quick.


Unfortunately due to our flight getting in late, the only thing we really did was eat at Papa Johns (Yes …Ireland & the UK have Papa Johns… om nom nom) and go to sleep, wake up and leave.

Road Trip

Instead of driving directly to Dublin, we decided to do a mini road trip through Ireland.  It was beautiful! If you decide to do this, keep in mind that the roads are VERY narrow and are honestly there is only enough room for 1 vehicle.  We routed towards the 10 Arch Stone Bridge, but somehow we could not find it, but we did find a beautiful Abbey on the route! Next we routed towards, Kilkenney.  We checked out the beautiful castle! Behind it there is a massive garden plus enclosed playground for the kids. The kids enjoyed stretching their legs.

With a flowing green landscape, Ireland was one of the most beautiful countries that I have ever been to.  We started our planning of our trip to Ireland in November 2016.  Ireland has always been on my destination wishlist due to the movie P.S. I Love You and so when I found dirt cheap plane tickets for my family to go there I said “SIGN ME UP!”  We booked our plane tickets via RyanAir, a European-based budget airline, for a mere $200 for all 5 of us! My husband’s intent of this trip was mainly to see the countryside and see what Ireland had to offer.  My intent was to kiss good ol’ Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle.


After we checked out Kilkenny we made our way to Dublin. We checked into our hotel, Maldron Hotel, which is about 30 minutes outside of the city. It was very comfortable especially since our last hotel in Limerick was not up to our comfort level. So it was wonderful to sleep in comfort. That evening we decided to check out Captain Americas, which is a kitchy Marvel restaurant boasting the super hero, Captain America. It satisfied my American-tooth for burgers and fries. It reminded me of a Hard Rock Café. Of course across the way was The Disney store. I swear this place takes all of mney everyone I see it. Take my money! I honestly can not for the life of me rememberwhat my oldest son and daughter scored but my middle one certainly scored a 50€ Kyle Ren costume for 25€. I’m just hoping that he doesn’t outgrow it by Halloween. I’m not buying him a new costume.

The next day we ate some breakfast in the room and set out to explore Dublin some before I had to drop off my husband at the airport… crazy huh? So yeah we (kids and I were left in Ireland). I’m so glad that I became a pro at driving on the right side. It really isn’t that difficult! Just keep left!

So after we dropped daddy/hubs at the airport the kids and I set out to go to Dublinia, which is a viking museum! And it was amazing! You should for sure go! Lots of interactive stations plus you can climb the tower to see an amazing view of Dublin. After that I met up with fellow family travel blogger, Marta with Learning Escapes. It was fantastic to connect with another blogger and to meet her adorable little family.

After that we jumped in the car and started our way to Cork. Wow…. we really needed more time. We arrived at hotel around 8pm, ordered Dominoes, & passed out. Woke bright and early went into Cork. We checked out their market, the English Market, but we were there a few hours before they opened. We walked around to see what they had and really wish they would have been open.

Blarney Castle

The highlight of my trip was seeing see this beauty. It was not just kissing the stone for the gift of eloquence, but the beauty of the surroundings. Lush green grass, playgrounds, the castle ruins and to top it of a double rainbow! I hit the pot of gold! But it was short lived as we had to get on the road again to head to the airport. I recommend not taking the back roads to the airport. If you make a wrong turn even though it’s beautiful the way you are going turn around and take the Auto Route. Trust me. Take the highway, freeway, autobahn… whatever you wish to call it.

Back At the Airport

Though this is a small airport, there is only ONE … yes ONE… TSA line for screening. So in the USA and other countries where it will take maybe 20 minutes to get through, here it will take a hour.  No worries.  Every flight is late.  Get there a little bit early, enjoy their cafe and get checked in.

Other Tidbits

I wish I had WAY more time in Ireland.  I didn’t get to see nearly as much as I wanted to see, but hey I was able to visit Ireland.


Have you been to Ireland?  What was you favorite part of Ireland?



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