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I have been wanting to go to Poland for awhile, mainly to go pottery shopping but this was a different mission.  It was to see a new country to be honest.  Which is at 20 now.  Browsing on a popular European airline website, I stumbled upon an amazing price for round trip tickets to Warsaw, Poland for $100 for my family of 5.  Yes $100 TOTAL! I love RyanAir.  Though they will get you with their extras.  Want to check in your luggage?  Pick your seats?  Priority boarding? You have to pay for it!

Our flight departed from Cologne (Köln)-Bonn airport (which was a nice 3 hour drive from Kaiserslautern).  I booked parking via RyanAir at Park N Ride Cologne (it is off site and 15 minutes away).  It was about 35 euro for 4 days which included shuttle service to and from the airport. I do recommend that if you are leaving from Kaiserslautern I would give yourself a few extra hours to get parking (which is available at the airport too).  Our flight departed at 8:00pm and arrived at 10:30pm.  On our end of the terminal there was a super cute play plane.  There are a few cafes and shopping.  The flight was a breeze! And RyanAir actually checked my suitcase for free at the gate (and on the way back too).

Note: if you are flying to Poland from Germany you do not need to go through passport control since they are part of Schengen. Therefore you can go straight to pick up or get your bags.  If you are heading straight to Warsaw you will have no issue getting a cab, but you are needing something local like we did you are going to be waiting awhile.  To get a taxi to go 5 minutes down the road took a good hour.  It was ridiculous.  So a hint to the wise, just pay the extra 40€ your hotel may charge you for a late check-in. *Note: There is NOT a direct train from the airport to Warsaw.

Since I am a cheapskate and I did not want to pay 50€ for the taxi ride to Warsaw, so I booked a room at the Royal Hotel Modlin and I am glad I did! The Royal Hotel Modlin is absolutely beautiful! It is located inside of the Modlin Fortress (in which we did not visit).  When we arrived in Poland, it was snowing and when we woke up the next morning there still was snow on the ground.  The kids were ecstatic! And guess what I brought? Ski bibs! Whohoo! We played in the snow for well over a hour.  Unfortunately there was not enough to make a snowman, but running around in it and see if our tongues would get stuck to a pole was certainly fun. We booked the family suite and it was a HUGE room! King size bed, sofa bed, and a huge shower in the bathroom.  Also included with our stay a delicious breakfast! I have to say thank you to the manager on duty that day.  He was amazing and very informative.

After our checkout we hailed a taxi to take us to the train Modlin train station.  For the 5 of us, it was about $10 USD to go to the Warsaw Central. I would much rather pay $10 USD than $50.  It was a nice train ride and we were able to see some nice scenery!  After arriving at Warsaw Central, we still had some time until we had to check in.  So we put our suitcases in the lockers.  For 24 hours, the cost is about $4 USD and we headed to the mall, Złote Tarasy, to get some food and of all places McDonalds. Haha! Yes I know I said “Good Eats”… no worries! I am getting there.  It is a MASSIVE mall and they have childcare! We didn’t use it this day, but we did check it out the next day.

After chowing down, we grab our bags and figured out transportation.  Warsaw has an underground and above ground train system, busses and taxi systems.  I recommend the trains systems! We decided to take the bus to Stare Miasto (Old Town Warsaw), which is where our apartment check in was.  We booked via for P&O City Center Apartments. We booked the Luxury One-Bedroom Apartment on 1 Nowolipie Street.  Though it says it is for 4 persons, it was perfect for us! The apartment is situated on top of a Kino (movie theater) called Kino Muranow. The apartment is in an amazing location.  The Metro (Ratusz Arsenał) right across the street! In the area is Starbucks, KFC & Pizza Hut as well as many other places to satisfy your palate.

That night we decided to dine at Restauracja Senatorek. It is a very cosy little restaurant with a menu boasting with flavor. Unfortunately I did not take photos since my kids killed my cell phone (grr). I had the tagliatelle with bacon, onion, garlic, cream sauce and parmesan cheese, my husband had the roast beef steak with roasted potatoes, salad mix and rosemary sauce and my oldest son had the tagliatelle with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and gorgonzola cheese.  We also had to get dessert! So I had the apple pie with ice cream and my husband indulged in a cheesecake.  The total for our meals, dessert and drinks (with doubles) was only $50 USD!

The next morning we woke up early to check out Waff’Love which are over-the-top waffle design. And Oh-my-YUM!  I highly HIGHLY recommend in indulging yourself in their waffley-yummy-goodness! My youngest son my daughter had waffles with nutella, I had the Belgian Classic with a cinnamon waffle, and my oldest had the Tutti Frutti.  The shop was super cute and nicely decorated! The staff was very nice and spoke English! They do have an English menu.

Afterwards, we had to go to Tiger. Everytime we see one our kids go a bit crazy. It reminds me of a dollar store from the US but such a better layout and cuter.  We go there so we can get mustaches.  I “mustache” you a question, but I’ll “shave” it for later.

After buying some goodies, we headed to the Metro (bought 24 hour tickets) and headed to the Palace of Culture and Science (which is near the Warsaw Central station).  We checked out the Muzeum Techniki I Przemyslu.  My kids favourite part I must say was playing on the old gaming systems.  We spent about two hours checking out the Muzeum! The family ticket was about $10 USD. Afterwards we went to the mall to check out the childcare for some freedom to roam around. Then we started heading back to the apartment.  We ate at KFC (yes I know haha) and then went back to the apartment.  Since it was still quite a bit early, my daughter and I ventured out.  We walked to the Old Town, bought some souvenirs, and walked to the Little Insurgent statue before heading back to the apartment.

Woke up early so we could spend our last day in Warsaw.  Checked out of our apartment and headed to Warsaw Central station to store our luggage.  Then went to the mall for a delicious breakfast at Pari Pari.  I had the Russian, my boys had the American (how cliché) and my husband had the Polish. YUMMY! Afterwards we tried to hop on the to the HOHO bus, but we saw it was not going to come around for another 2 hours so we hopped onto the underground and headed to the Old Town to check it out.  We walked around the old squares peering into windows of jewelry stores filled with beautiful amber pieces and reminiscing the beauty of the past.

We FINALLY were able to get on the HOHO bus and rode around learning about the city’s history on the red and blue routes (which we connected by just staying on board).  We decided to get back off at the old town for dinner before heading to get our luggage and then on to the airport.  We ate at Zapiecek in Old Town. They have a wonderful kids area and they offer a pierogi cooking class for kids the last Saturday of the month (look below in the photos for the information).  We had the fried dumplings with meat and mushrooms, split pea soup, grandma’s broth with noodles,and the Polish pork knuckle. Lets just say that there were absolutely no leftovers. It was delicious!

After devouring our delicious meal, we headed back to the Warsaw Central to check on train tickets to Modlin, but found that the last train would get us into the airport 30 minutes after we needed to be there so we had to take a taxi instead.  Guh! So much for being a cheapskate right?  We arrived to the airport with lots of time to get checked in and ready.  Our flight departed at a grueling 10pm with an arrival at 11:30.  We finally made it to our vehicle around midnight and made it home at 3am.  Lets just say we will not be doing late flights ever again. We were EXHAUSTED. Otherwise we had an amazing time in Warsaw and I would love to go back to Poland soon!

Thank you so much for coming by to read our review of Warsaw.  

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  1. Very nice, I’m still yet to get to Poland, but I can’t wait to see more of Eastern Europe.

    Those low cost airlines can be great as long as you travel light and don’t care where you sit… otherwise, as you said, they kill you with fees for everything else!

  2. Poland has been a place of fantasy for us. Have always had this dream of visiting Poland for their amazing landscapes and the ice. But we now have one more reason to get there, food!

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