Lets Chat Accommodations!

Do you have a love a for unique accommodations?  Are you wanting to learn more about accommodations around the world? Great news! I have joined forces with Nicolette & Jessica  as a Guest Host for an amazing and exciting Twitter chat TODAY!

Chat Hashtag: #culturetrav

Chat Location: Twitter

Chat Date: March 10th, 2016

Chat time: EST 2:30 PM ,PT 11:30 am, UTC or GMT 6:30 pm, CET 8:30 pm, GST 11:30 pm

Chat Topic: Accommodation

How to Follow a Chat

  1. Click on Search and type in “#CultureTrav”
  2. Click on “Live”
  3. Make sure you are following @KidFriendlyEuro!
  4. To be included in the chat be sure to include the Hashtag (which is #culturetrav)
  5. Have fun! Respond to other chatters and make new friends!

Don’t have time to wait for the Q&A chat?  No problem! Below are the questions! You can set them up via Hootsuite!

March 10, 2016: “Accommodation”
Q1: What type of accommodation do you usually seek out when traveling? Hotels, hostels, camping, B&Bs, apartments, etc.? Why? #CultureTrav
Q2: Share with us the best place you’ve stayed during your travels! Have a photo? #CultureTrav
Q3: What can accommodation say about a certain culture? Share an example you feel supports this, and a photo if you have one. #CultureTrav
Q4: What three qualities are most important to you when arranging accommodation? Why? #CultureTrav
Q5: Does culture play a role in the type of accommodation a person books? Why or why not? #CultureTrav
Q6: What is the most unique or unusual accommodation you have stayed in during your travels? Share a photo! #CultureTrav
BONUS: What type of accommodations are on your wander list? Share a unique place you’d like to stay! #CultureTrav

See everyone there! And hopefully YOU!



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