Back to Reality

Family photo from Poland
Oh the joys of going coming back to reality!


Military Move?
Military moves mean that someone (can) move(s) every 3 to 5 years.  So therefore (unfortunately) we moved back to the US over the summer.   Unlike what we were used to while we were stationed in Germany due to the military, we have not done any sort of travelling… I know weird huh? Yes! We are a military family! I know that I didn’t really put that out there that we are military family as I felt for our safety we shouldn’t elaborate on the fact that we were military.


Living at JBLM
So now we are currently stationed at JBLM (Joint Base Lewis McChord) in Washington State. Here is the thing with this move. We were so used to travelling somewhere practically every weekend while overseas that I think I may be suffering from some sort of withdraw. Let me think of a good medical term for this condition “TAKE ME BACK!!” syndrome.    That sounds just about right.  Ever since we moved here we compare EVERYTHING with Europe.  And by the way Europe always wins.  Europe is better at family fun,  better with festivals (I miss Christmas time and the ongoing and always festivals), free chocolate for the kids, and I miss driving fast.  Though I have to admit I have not even received a speeding ticket and I am very surprised (knock on wood).


Spring Break
So currently we’ve been trying to figure out what we want to do for Spring Break in April, but I all want to do right now is go back to Europe (of course)! Gosh! What is wrong with me?  A trip to Canada to Victoria or Vancouver is also on the thought radar, but my husband is thinking that a trip to California is in the books.  Which honestly I find hilarious, because he absolutely HATES Cali.  It would be amazing to go back to my old “stomping grounds” of San Diego.  I could show my oldest, Michael, where he was born and I could show everyone where I was stationed too. Yes I am prior military too.  Have you learned much from this post yet?
Where are you going for Spring Break?
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