Moms Only: 48 Hours in London

I FINALLY was able to get my once in a lifetime relief… and honestly I want it more often.  My husband is away very frequently and for long periods of time.  Recently he was away for 90 days! AhhhhhHHHHHhhhhhhhHHHHHHhhhh! My kids were driving me crazy (as usual) and I would drop the “I am going on vacation when your dad gets home”-threat towards the end, but of course I hadn’t even remotely thought about where I would go on this kidless opportunity.  One day I decided to check up on a friend and like me, was a stressed out momma of three.  We were trying to coordinate a trip that we could take just the two of us.

Getting There!

I found some amazing plane tickets via RyanAir and our trip was born.  Of course I cleared it through my husband (you know just in case he had something going on) and BAM! It was in the works.  We were originally going to just do 1 overnight but the flights were not working in our favour, so we decided to leave Frankfurt Hahn at 10pm since there was not another flight to chose from other than 6am and we both didn’t want our spouses to take off from work.  So the 10pm flight worked perfectly.  Since Stansted is about a hour from London, we rode the Stansted Express.  We purchased the WebDuo tickets which were 48£ for the pair round trip.  It is a 45 minutes to and from.  There are plug-ins (bring a UK converter), chairs with tables and WC (toilets on board).  Depending on the time there is also someone that comes around with drinks and snacks.


My friend had LOTS of points with Hilton Rewards and we are both super happy that she had enough points for a free night! We stayed at the Hampton Inn near Waterloo Station.  From the train station, follow the signs for Waterloo Road, turn right and go straight.  It will be on the left.  Check in was a breeze and in just a few minutes we were in our room snoozing away. We were hoping for two separate beds, but we ended up with one queen bed.  Luckily we are so used to our kids sleeping sideways that we had no issues. Hahaha! Their breakfast is wonderful! I think that was the best part of our stay.  You can make fresh waffles and there are other delicious yummies! We always filled up our water bottles and grab a few pieces of fruit for snacks for the day.

On our way out, we stayed near the airport the night before at Radisson Blu Stansted Airport.  Even though it was a little bit more I certainly think it was well worth it.  The beds were super comfy and we were able to soak in the bathtub in the room.  Now I must say that the breakfast was AMAZING! And the awesome thing is that they start serving it at 4am, which we needed since our flight was at “7am” (which was delayed 2 more hours).

London Pass

Is it worth is? Yes and no.  Let me say… it is VERY worth it to download the app.  Do not even attempt to look for the office.  It took us just about a hour to find it. Though for what we did over 2 days I think we did quite a bit!

What We Did 

  • Tower of London
    • Totally worth it! And I highly recommend it! You can use it with the London Pass and you get in for FREE! Expect to be there majority of the day! There is LOTS to see.
  • Wicked the Musical
    • AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! You absolutely can buy tickets the day of. DO NOT BUY the VIP tickets. Totally NOT worth it in my opinion. The play itself was fabulous and my friend and I truly enjoyed it.
  • London Eye
    • Of course the London Eye is amaze! On clear days you can see miles beyond miles away! We went right after our lunch at the Fish & Chips place next door.  The que is very quick! We waited maybe 10-15 minutes for the ticket line and 10 minutes for the ride itself.  There is a 4D movie about the London Eye which is interesting.  My kids loved it the last time I was in London.
  • Buckingham Palace State Room Tour
    • From I think it is July until October you can do a tour of the State Rooms in Buckingham Palace.  Unfortunately I was unable to take photos.  But it was a beautiful tour!  This year it was all about Queen Elizabeth! On display were all of her amazing gowns she has worn including her wedding dress!

Where We Ate

The Fire Station Pub (in Waterloo Station), McDonald’s (hahaha) & Great British Fish & Chips (near the London Eye).

In conclusion, our trip was absolutely well needed! We are both busy moms of three kids EACH and a few of ours are special needs.  I would love to go on another mom’s trip and I recommend going on! It was a great way to “let our hair down”. Here are some more photos of our trip to London!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to read about our adventure.  Please feel free to comment below and share!



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