Our 2015 Travel Recap: April to June


April to June were pretty busy travel months for us.  Actually the entire year was a busy travel year.

The beginning of April we spent the weekend in Milan before heading on our trip on the Costa Fascinosa. Our drive to Milan was absolutely spectacular.  I highly recommend going through Switzerland!  The mountains are stunning and there is a 13 (?) km tunnel! Felt like it took forever to get through.  TIP: Keep in mind there can be some pretty bad traffic (we were dead stopped for THREE HOURS).  So before you hit Switzerland load up on water and food and some fuel.  If you are military there is an ESSO station in Basel on the German side.

I did not spend very much time really blogging about Milan since I really hadn’t started my actual blog website UNTIL June.  I was very excited about spending time in one of the fashion capitals of the world but that really did not happen.  1st of all it rained the entire time we were there.  It was absolutely dreadful.  Our apartment was fantastic, but we were no where near any Metro lines.  So carrying tired kids all over the town was not at all exciting.  But we did enjoy what the city had to offer.  We saw the amazing Duomo Di Milano which is absolutely stunning and to be frank I really do not know much more about what we did there.


Now for our Costa Cruise I did post about it and you can see that wonderful blog right HERE.

In May, we went to Prague at the end of the month! Check out our trip HERE.

Ohhhh June! We LOVED our trip in June! And FINALLY we are to blog times! We went our fabulous trip to Scotland!

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