RyanAir: Europe’s Budget Airline

We have taken RyanAir to several destinations now: Edinburgh, London & Croatia.  For what it is, a budget airline, it is perfect.  Like I said, RyanAir is a budget airline, but you can add more and more perks to be more comfortable. I think for families that this is a great airline to choose plus it allows you to see MORE of Europe if you chose to visit.  Our flights have never been late or delayed (knock on wood) and we have never had any issues (knock on wood).

Some things to remember:

  • We have always booked the “regular” fare which includes seats, but they are NOT reserved.
    • If you wish to have a reserved seat you may.  I recommend upgrading to the Leisure Plus.  Then you can get your seat AND a checked bag included.
  • You can get your reserved seats FREE 7 days before your departure
    • Then you will have a better chance of being seated with your children.  Although I wouldn’t mind some peace and quiet on the plane.
  • You must print out your documents before heading to the airport. Why? Unless you want shell out some major bucks.. err euro I would recommend doing it.
  • Do you need to pay for seats?  We have never done it. But shelling out 40 euro extra for seats when we can get seats 7 days out for free I think I will wait.
  • You can book hotels, parking and rental cars during checkout.
    • We have never booked a hotel.
    • We booked parking for when we left Hahn, but for our trip to Croatia in May there was not any availability.
    • Also during our trip Croatia, we booked a rental car.  It was about $90 for 6 days.  Great deal!
  • Note: Babies DO NOT fly for free! There is usually about a 20 euro charge but…
    • You can check TWO baby items in for free
    • If you have older children, you can also check in two kid items for free too (car seats)
  • Sometimes RyanAir will allow you to check in your bags for FREE! They did that when we were flying from Edinburgh and Croatia!
  • Yes seats are uncomfortable, but you are only on the plane for less than 2 hours! And I love the price!
  • I LOVE the “Fare Finder” with RyanAir.  That is how we found out $150 tickets to London for so cheap!

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