Summer Adventure Series: Blue Line Ferries

As I was looking at my road trip route I found that we could take a ferry across from Split, Croatia to Ancona, Italy.  If it were not for that ferry we probably would not have gone to Rome and Pisa and instead it would be be more to Venice and the northern Italy cities.  My kids love to cruise so I thought it would be very much like a mini cruise for them.  Though we booked through Blue Line we ended up sailing on SNAV.  So this review is more on SNAV rather than Blue Line Ferries.


There are several “accommodation” types on board.  We decided to get a cabin since it was an overnight and I wanted to be well rested since I would have a 3-4 hour drive to Rome. So I booked a 4 person cabin … since there were 4 of us.  I was not sure how the layout would be, but we had 2 sets of bunk beds.  Also include in our cabin we had a small bathroom including a shower.  Now if you want to save some money and not get a cabin you can also be in one of the lounges.  The louges look very similar to being on an airplane.  The chairs recline and you have areas to store your luggage.  I just thought for the sanity of the other passengers I decided to get a cabin.  The beds were pretty comfortable, but other passengers were pretty loud.  I ended up having to put on some music to drown them out.

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Life On Board

The ship has a small store for souvenirs and other goodies such as sunglasses, perfume, make-up etc. For nourishment, there are 2 restaurants: self-service and a full service. Also on board there is a bar, chapel and a movie theater. We actually ate in the full service restaurant since my friend did not realize that there was a self service.  The food was pretty good, but it would have been significantly cheaper in the self-service. I recommend bringing your own breakfast or waiting until you are out of the port area.  We stopped at a gas station away from Ancona for some nourishment.

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Kid Friendliness

Not really.  Online it showed that there would be some sort of play area, but on this ship there was nothing, but in all honesty it was already bedtime by the time we were finished with dinner.  Plus I needed to repack all of our things and get ready for an early portcall.  The restaurants DO have kid meals!  Do not get all three courses.  My kids didn’t even finish one.

Embarking & Disembarking

They were both very easy! We did arrive to the port in Split 3 hours instead of 2 hours and I am very glad that we did as there was not a line for check-in.  Plus we were at the ahead of the line for boarding the boat. And we could sit.  Walking passengers were having to stand for a good while before being allowed to board the boat.  It was neat to drive onto the boat.  Note: If you have a luggage rack on a SUV DO NOT BACK IN.  Our luggage rack was scraping the roof of the level we were on.  Unfortunately we were yelled at for this and they did end up moving us to the back on the boat. Oh well.. not my fault. Another Note: When they disembark at 7am, be at your vehicle! They do this very quickly and there are NOT any announcements.

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Other Notes

  • My 220V strip & converter were too big to fit into the plug space in our cabin.  So be sure you have the plugs that are skinnier.
  • Go topside when leaving! You can see some amazing views of the coastline!
  • Thought about taking a cruise?  This is one way to see if you MAY like it.  Remember that cruises have so much more to them than a ferry.
  • It was awesome having our vehicle with us!

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Would we take another ferry? Absolutely! My kids really enjoyed our time on the ferry.  Although now they are bugging me to go onto another cruise!

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Ferry Operator Information: Blue Line Ferries

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