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Being a family travel blogger I have learned a thing or two about saving money and learning tips of the trade from other families while travelling.  To date, my children have now been to 21 countries including the United States and numerous countries in Europe.  And are we done? Nope! Not even remotely close. We are looking to extend our travels to Asia, Canada and Western USA. So I have gathered my tips about travelling for families!  Of course I think I will be adding some more.  AND PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD YOURS IN THE COMMENTS

  • When doing a road trip, I recommend bringing food and kitchen goods from home.  Spices included!
  • Absolutely bring plastic everything for your kids.  Sometimes restaurants will give even the smallest kids glass.  Plus having those plastic ware is nice to have.
  • Bring a roll or two of paper towels.
  • And bring some minimal cleaning supplies: small dustpan & brush and some cleaner wipes.
  • I even like bringing some air freshener.  Because who wants to smell the “unthinkables” while doing our business right?  Plus I have some smelly boys!
  • Do go glamping! I recommend EuroCamp & Canvas Holidays in Europe! We went camping in Saarburg for 25 euro per night and in the French Riviera for 60 euro per night! Score!
  • Make grab bags for your kids to keep them busy while travelling: crayons, coloring books, small toys, paper, electronic devices (with THEIR own chargers).
  • Bring a power strip.  You will thank me.  Some hotels have only 1 or 2 outlets and when you have 5-7 devices to charge like we do you will need it.
  • Even when an accommodation doesn’t really accommodate your family of 5 (like us), contact them and see what they can arrange for you!  Sometimes you can even get a discount. Ya never know!
  • A little for them and a little for you.
    • Do make sure you do things for yourself while travelling! You gotta be happy too! And kids need to as well.  A park will go a LONG way!
  • Bring your medicine cabinet. Seriously.  I always bring Motrin, Tylenol,1st aid kit and other things … just in case!
  • Bring a jacket. Even if it is HOT.  When we went on our road trip last summer it was FREEZING in Austria… at night as a low as 30 degrees!
  • Bring pillow and blankets… some hotels don’t have the best pillows and some mattresses need an extra fluff.
  • Load up an iPod with some tunes your kids love.  You can only listen to “Let it Go” so many times.  I am glad my daughter loves music I love.
  • Make a list of places to check out include: name of place, address, and price.
  • Check out other bloggers for things to do (even free). I love Pinterest.

Thank you so much for checking out our tips? Have any more tips!? Post them below! Please share!


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