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YOU CAN DO IT! Trust me.  No one EVER said it will be easy.  It is not easy for us, but we deal and cope with it.  We would much rather have our children with us so they can explore their surroundings.  We constantly tell them how lucky they are! I was constantly told how lucky I was that I was able to travel the world as a child.  I lived in Saudi Arabia (father worked for an airline) and I have been to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Greece, Spain, and England.  I was also in the US Navy and traveled to Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

I want to teach my children about culture and how people live in other countries.  This includes everything.. food especially.  We love food! My children love things that most kids wouldn’t even get near to ie. escargot and sushi. Mmmmm! You may say yuck.  Don’t knock it until your try it! 😉

Travel with children isn’t easy, but here are some tips that can make travel easier on you and your family.

1. Don’t go with a full on itinerary. Make a list of places of where YOU (the parent) would like to go.

2. Get a map to bullet or circle what is on your list.  This will make it so much easier to see places.

3. FIND PARKS and other play areas.

4. Bring snacks and other items your children enjoy.  My children have Kindles… helped significantly. 🙂

5. Be sure to pack well.  We just recently went to Scotland (June 2015).  The first day was amazing 75 degrees and sunny. The next day it rained, super windy and wind chill of 42. Buuurr.  Depending on where you go (i.e. Scotland) please pack appropriately.

6.  Adding to #5.  If you do go somewhere and the weather changes like that and you need winter wear. A cheap place is Primark. Pretty good quality and it is CHEAP! Yay! We love that word.

7. Open mind.  Please go with an open mind.  If you are coming from the US to Europe… it will be different. Especially if you are going to the UK.. they do drive on the opposite side of the car AND the other side of the road.  Be mindful.  Be courteous. Be respectful.  Most places DO NOT have air conditioning. Open those windows! Food will be different. Different is NOT bad.  But hey if all else fails go to McDonald’s. There are even Starbucks. Anyways like I said go with an open mind.  It is going to be an experience. 🙂

8. Have fun! Seriously just go with the flow.  Do things for you and do stuff for the kids.  I even read on a blog somewhere to take turns picking out what you want to do for the day.  After our 5 year old bugged us for days to climb Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland we finally did it on the last day.

I hope my points will help you in your edventure (educational adventure)!  Honestly I accidentally typed it wrong and I had changed it back to “adventure” but I liked edventure. So “edventure” it is!

Please feel free to ask questions below!


Your Awesome Travel Adviser! 🙂

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