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Alyssa and I at the Krka waterfalls! Totally Gorge!

Hello and welcome!

Ever been a part of a Twitter chat?  Do you know how to participate?  Great news! Join other amazing family travel bloggers the 4th Wednesday of every month for an awe-inspiring chat about travelling with your children.  Over the next couple of months, there will be several different topics for us to chat about such as tips for traveling, favorite destinations, collaborations etc.  Please feel free to provide suggestions! I am hoping that this will become a fun chat to talk to other family bloggers about travelling with our children.

Our first chat will be on August 24th, 2016 at 8:00 pm CET (Central European Time) for one hour.

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Co-Hosts: YES! I would LOVE to have some inspiring co-hosts! My co-hosts will be helping me promote the chat as well as participate in the chat.  Would you like to become one?  Please comment below so I can get ahold of you or email me.

Chat Hashtag: #takethekids

Topic: Getting Started- Why “Getting Started”?  Since this is a new chat, this will be all about getting to know each other.

Can’t make it?  No worries! You can set up your questions and answers via Hootsuite or another social media scheduler.

Never done a Twitter chat? No worries. CLICK HERE FOR AWESOME DETAILS! Yes there are NOT my details but this one was rather… well awesome!

Questions For Chat

Q1 Hello! Welcome to #takethekids #familyblogger chat! Where are you joining us from?

Q2. For those that are #familybloggers joining us! What is your blog website? #takethekids

Q3. How do you define your travel blog in 3 keywords? #takethekids

Q4: What makes your #familytravel blog different from others? #takethekids

Q5: What do you see for the future for your #familytravel blog? #takethekids

*** This is very important! Be sure you put the travel hashtag on every Q&A that way everyone can all see your mindblowing responses!!***

Thank you so much for spreading the love and thank you for reading our (hopefully) awe-inspiring travel blog! See you soon!


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