United States

Welcome to our stories and adventures in the United States of America!  Our family moved to the United States this past summer (June 2017) from Germany.  Do we miss Germany? Absolutely! Would I go back? In a heartbeat.  We have been living in the US for about 6 months now.. wow has it really already been 6 months? I guess I can’t tell people that I just moved here. Sigh. Oh well! Well I guess here are our adventures in the United States. This is the first time that we have lived in the Pacific Northwest.  Though I have lived on the West Coast, but I lived in San Diego, California.  Other than that it has been mostly southern states.  The kids and I have already done some adventuring in the area.  I did have another website where I was posting our wonderful and amazing adventures, but unfortunately my website was compromised and I had to delete it.  So I am finding a way rebrand this website so I can continue using this website.

Hopefully by the beginning of 2018 I will be relaunching my website with a new look and a new URL! So be sure to look for it!

We are looking for resorts and other tourist destinations that are looking to do collaborations with us! My kids are in public school so it will have to be when they are out of school! Please contact us and we will get to working!!

Thank you to everyone that has been an amazing support for us over the last few years while we were in Germany and traveling everyone.  The kids have been to 21 countries! We truly do appreciate it. I can not wait to share our new chapter as we show our children more of the world!

Happy travels to you all!