Winter Escape: Tropical Islands Resort

Balloon seen in background!

If you are in Europe and wanting to escape this horrid winter weather be sure to head to Tropical Islands in Krausnick, Germany!  Tropical Islands has a breathtaking atmosphere including beautiful cerulean water pools, a luxuriant indoor tropical rain forest, adventure slides for all ages and an action-packed kids zone.  Tropical Islands is sure to warm you up inside quickly!

Welcoming & Check In

As soon as we arrived at the Brand Tropical Islands train station we were whisked away on one of their complimentary shuttles that took us directly to the front door to this oasis.  Driving towards the dome, is a spectacular sight.  The welcoming area is right past the double doors to the left for overnight guests and check in for non-overnight guests is to the right.  If there is a long wait and your children are restless, there is a nice play area for them right inside the main doors to the right.  We didn’t see this when we arrived, but we did use it while we were waiting for the shuttle back to the train stop.  You will feel the heat as soon as you arrive and  don’t do what I personally did and wear a sweater there!   Certainly dress for the Tropical Islands year around “season” which is summery clothing, swimsuits and flip flops!  Check-In took about 15 minutes which is average for resorts and hotels, but we were not able to officially go to our rooms until precisely at 4 pm.  The GREAT thing is that the wristband they issue gives access to a locker to store your items until your room is available.  AND you can go have fun until it is ready.


We reserved a family room for our “family of 5” and it was an ample sized room for us! Our room was a Premium Room and was located near Tortuga Bay.  For sleeping arrangements, our room consisted of a German king size bed and a bunk-bed (in another small room) for the kids.  The bathroom was also adequately sized! The shower was gorgeous! It had pebbled flooring, a standard shower-head plus rain shower-head!  Also included in the room was a small electric water kettle, small refrigerator and a table with chairs. Rooms start at 106€ per person which includes entrance to the tropical and sauna & spa area and breakfast.  This price is dependent on the season and room category.


Kid Zone Fun (aka Tropino Club)

I have to say that my children’s favorite part about Tropical Islands was the Tropino Club.  It includes a massive jungle gym, coin-operated mini cars, ball pit and more.  We probably would have spent 2 entire days in this section, but I made my children swim.  The Tropino Club has many activities for the children too! At night time, there is a mini disco where your kids can dance to fun songs.  Also in the Tropico Club section are bumper boats and paddleboats.

Water Fun

You obviously can not go to Tropical Islands without enjoying the water fun! With 2 large pools and numerous slides there is something to please everyone! There are three sections for water play: Tropical Sea, the Lagoon and the Waterslide Tower.  We spent majority of our time at the splash pad at the Tropical Sea the first day and then the beautiful Lagoon the second day.  I wish I would have seen the Princess Moana in the Tropical Sea, which is a water-play ship.  It looks amazing!  We spent 4 hours in the Lagoon the next day swimming! It was fun to swim in the grottoes behind the waterfalls and playing on the water slides!


Other than all the water fun and kids area, at night the dome comes alive with music, lights .. and dance! Fantasía Tropical takes place at the Wayang Stage and you can actually pre-order tickets in advance to save a little extra cash.  You can order HERE.  Another fun activity is Island Ballooning! You will get spectacular views of Tropical Islands from 60 metres (200 feet) off the ground! It is sure to be an adventure and we will be sure to enjoy both of these activities hopefully next time!  One of the activities I highly recommend is walking through the breathtaking indoor rain forest! We did our walk-through at nighttime and it was still enjoyable.

Restaurants & Bars

You can’t have fun without eating… right?! Tropical Islands boasts numerous of specialties to satisfy your hunger! Tropical Garden, Palm Beach Restaurant, Mondial Self Service (hamburgers, pizza, wings and more), Jabarimba Restaurant (Fantastic breakfast buffet!), Bali Pavilion (Asian inspired), and Tropino (special restaurant for kids!).  Not only are we needing to satisfy our bellies, we need to satisfy our thirst as well.  Tropical Islands has 5 bars and lounges located in the mid-section of the park.

The Dome

The Dome is impressive, especially its history, as it was a originally built to house CargoLifter’s airships (blimps), but in 2002 the company closed.  Driving up to the facility, its size is remarkable and you can see it from quite a distance away.  If you would like to see the ratio of how big the dome dome compared to other world monuments take a walk through the rain forest there is a display to show the size ratio! The United States of America’s Statue of Liberty can stand inside.  Plus France’s Eiffel Tower can lie on its side (as seen in the 1st photo)! Quite magnificent!

Travel to Tropical Islands

Our family decided to take the train! It was an effortless trip directly to Tropical Islands.  If you wish to read our experience with the Deutsche Bahn, please click HERE.  If you decide to drive, parking is included!

My Review

Tropical Islands is certainly a fun destination that can be enjoyed as either as a day trip, weekend trip or an extended trip.  For me, I wish we would have been able to stay longer since we were not able to enjoy everything that Tropical Islands.  I would recommend at least 2 full days at the resort.  We did quite a bit for the time we were there.  And so far it has been an unforgettable trip.  My 4 year old daughter has been boasting about it since we arrived home and she calls it “Chocolate Island”.  All three of my children certainly have the desire to go back and hopefully soon! I give Tropical Islands a score of 10 out of 10.

Tropical Islands Trip Quick Tips

  • Get familiar with the facility as it is quite large.
  • Bring your own towels! It was a 3.50€ deposit to rent.
  • If you have younger children, don’t allow them to carry their own wristbands.  My daughter removed hers and lost it.  Luckily we did not have anything changed to her wristband.
  • They do accept credit cards!
  • There is a microwave in the Mondial Self-Service.
  • There are mini fridges in your room (at least there was one in the Premium rooms).
  • Flip flops or water shoes.  There are some areas that are wooden planks.  Unfortunately my younger son managed to get a splinter. This area is over by the kids play area.
  • Bring a bag for your wet swimsuits.
  • If you don’t like loudness around bedtime be sure to request a room that is outside of the dome. Our room was inside of the dome and it was loud until about 10pm.  Otherwise bring a sound machine!

Thank you so much for reading our review of Tropical Islands in Germany! Please feel free to add your insights below and share with your friends and family! Also subscribe below to our future posts! AND huge thank you to Tropical Islands for allowing our family to come and review your amazing facility! We will be back!


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  1. These types of places seem to be becoming more and more common. I didn’t realize there was one in Germany! I like the sound of the “adventure slide”. I wish we had a similar tropical escape here in Seattle!

  2. Wow! I had no idea there was such thing in Germany. That seems pretty awesome but also weird at the same time. Because of the fact that it’s still winter outside. But I’m sure you guys had a lot of fun!

  3. Hello! What would you say your investment was?

    Train trip?

    And then at Tropical Islands? Any suggestions for making the trip more affordable?

    • Hello Angela! Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I can not tell you how much it was for us to stay at Tropical Islands since I was writing an article for them. For the train for 5 persons (2 adults, 1 (9 y/o) and 2 under 5 (free) it was $130 round trip from Kaiserslautern to Tropical Islands and back. That price also reflects and upgrade to a family compartment. When we went I brought a suitcase full of snacks and drinks so I am sure that helped us out. Best advice is to research! 😀

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