Resort Review: Zaton Holiday Resort

View from the bar by the pool!

Imagine yourself sitting by a glorious pool or the beach sipping on a delicious fruity mixed drink whilst watching your little sunbathe and playing in the water.  Zaton Holiday Resort IS the place for you to go to if you are heading to Zadar!  We can NOT approve this resort any more than we can.  It is just THAT amazing!  Zaton Holiday Resort hit every “taste bud” that we were looking for.   We were travelling with some friends of ours that had never been to Croatia before.  Unfortunately the resort that we had gone to before was unavailable.  Since we enjoy staying in mobile homes when we travel; we chose Zaton Holiday Resort and we were super impressed!  Please keep in mind that when we went to Zaton it was during  low season still so some amenities and activities were not available.


We booked via directly through the resort.  Our accommodations were fantastic.  We booked a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom mobile home. The great thing is that linen and towels are already included into the price. Which is fantastic since most companies do not include those and we have to bring our own.  The accommodations had everything that we needed to cook with as far as pots, pans, dishware and silverware.  There is also a cooktop and refrigerator. No oven. The accommodation also includes a television.  We found one channel that showed English movies. WiFi is available in your accommodations and parts of the resort.

Here are photos from our accommodations.

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Our friend’s accommodations! They had one of the apartments!

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The Resort

Zaton Holiday Resort is massive! During high season, there can be upwards to 7-8,000 guests! Due to increasing guest numbers, Zaton, in the last few years have been upgrading many of their areas.  My favorite was the shopping and restaurant pavillion. There were several restaurants of different specialities and shops with all sorts of goodies and souvenirs.  Another favourite of ours was the pool.  We spent MANY hours lounging.  You do have to pay for lounge chairs, but they are not expensive 20 kuna ($3) for the entire day.  The baby pool is quite large and surrounding the pool is shaded.  Next to the pool is the Mini Club and the Wellness Center.  I highly recommend registering for the Mini Club when you arrive.  You can leave your kids there while you go “adulting”… margarita anyone?

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Here is a view of the main beach area right off of the shopping and restaurant area!

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If you would like to see the plan for the resort, CLICK HERE.  We were in cabin number 1192 which is by Sanitary Block 4.

Other information to Include

Speaking of Sanitary Blocks, #2 is absolutely AMAZING! Wow! It is Zen-like.  I really LOVED the kids area.  It had kid showers, kid-sized toilets, kid-sized sinks and even a baby bath! There were tons of adult showers and WC as well. Also in the block there was a place to wash your clothing.

With kids in mind,  I have already mentioned the pool and the mini club.  There are several other activities as well such as 2 mini golf courses, climbing nets, several play areas (all the sanitary blocks include play areas!), mini car rides, waterslides and more! The entire resort is stroller friendly! (I posted photos of some of these areas above)

Now for the adults, there are plenty of “adult-drinking areas” also known as bars and adult fun such as a water obstacle course.

Dogs are welcome just in case you want to bring them in tow, but there are only certain parts of the resort that can swim at.

Other amenities include a market, currency exchange, laundry, horseback riding, a fitness track (2.5km), a train (which takes you around the complex!), and more!

Overall, thank you so much to Frane Skoblar and the Zaton team for allowing our family to come out to review your amazing resort.  We will be back and hopefully sooner than later.  My children really enjoyed the beach and we enjoyed the sun.  It is the most perfect resort for the “family in mind”.

For more information on Zaton Holiday Resort please visit their website!

Zaton Holiday Resort

Dražnikova 76t 

HR-23232 Nin, Croatia



Have any questions or comments?  Please comment below! Thank you for your time!

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  1. glad that your family especially the kiddos had so much fun! Me too by just watching your video clips ☺????

  2. This looks like such an easy place to enjoy with kids! I remember going to Croatia many many many years ago when I was a child and it was great even then – I’d love to go back now, I’ll try next year!

  3. This looks like such an easy place to be with kids. I’m sure to suggest it to my friends who plan to go on vacation with kids.

  4. It is great to be able to read kid friendly posts now that I have a child of my own. Glad you guys had fun there. Dogs allowed is also a plus point.

  5. I love Croatia! Been there 4-5 times when I was younger for summer vacations and I loved it! This resort seems like a perfect getaway! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. I have been to Croatia and fell in love with this country. I want to visit it once again because it has looots of islands to explore. I like the place you mention it, it looks very nice and comfortable.

  7. Reading through your post and watching those videos we can say kids had a great time and Zaton Holiday Resort looks like nice place to spend some quality time with kids. Thanks for sharing

  8. Croatia is still on my bucket list, and seeing your photos, I know why! I never thought it could be a kid destination but you proved the other way! It’s so nice to find places like that when you have kids, because you gotta to find a solution to keep them busy and still be able to enjoy your vacations and accommodations! Seem you had a great time! x

    • I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t accommodate single travellers. 🙂 The resort is everyone-friendly. But if you are wanting to get a bigger bang for your currency I would certainly look into a hostel. You can visit Zaton as a day visit. 🙂

  9. This is very interesting! I have never heard of a hotel that allows dogs and a place for them to swim in? That’s awesome! I don’t have a dog though haha The net playground also looks like a lot of fun!

  10. This looks like a great family friendly resort. When we stayed in Croatia as a family we rented a holiday home for week with our own pool near Pula. It was complete bliss and we felt like we were living the life of riley!

  11. This looks like quite an amazing place to stay. I like that they are improving the place all the time, as it I have been to many hotels that looks that they have not seen a paintbrush in 30 years.

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